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Would like to upgrade DSL


Would like to upgrade DSL

My computer has a 3rd party router , and I have wifi bluray player . The basic dsl speed I have is to slow to downstream movies, I tried to talk to a representative in order to discuss options for upgrade. The rep. seems to only interested in bundling my services and then I was disconnected when bundling was not my choice.. I need to work with with someone that has time to explore all possible options. ATT seems to be only interested in making more money and not in providing good customer service.

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Re: Would like to upgrade DSL


I'm sorry to hear that the support Agent was not able to assist you with the request.  I'm one of the Community Managers and I would like to help.  Since this is specific to your account, please look for a follow-up Private Message with more information..




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Re: Would like to upgrade DSL

They may sell you an upgrade, but don't expect better results. ATT has been a nightmare, worse service and support I've ever known. My ping remains 300-1000ms and trying to get ATT to resolve it.....forget it, taking off work, hours on hold, techs that never show up, buying modems, replacing lines.....nothing changes.


Be a lil more and get cable, least you'll get what you pay for.

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Re: Would like to upgrade DSL

i agree with the above poster.

do not bother with upgrading with ATT.


if you want faster speeds without any intermittent connectivity issues... try cable internet.  dsl is a joke.

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