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Wireless Network Extender


Wireless Network Extender

I purchased a Hawkings HWREN1 Range Extender.  I got it configured into my home 2WIRE network and I can see it in the network map.  Using my laptop, I can disconnect from the 2WIRE wireless network and connect to the Hawking's extender, but only for a few seconds, then I lose the Internet connection.  I'm still connected to the extended network, but have no Internet connect.  Windows diagnostics say to restart the gateway (3800HGV-B). Does not correct problem.  So, does anyone have any experience extending a 2WIRE wireless network and/or any experience with the HWREN1?

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Re: Wireless Network Extender

looking at one of these units too - post back if you get the bugs worked out
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Re: Wireless Network Extender

To be quite honest with everyone here... (keep in mind this is my experience with range extenders), is they just don't work very well. you are essentially operating a repeater in the sense and asking it to send and recieve traffic in realtime. 


Best effort I found out of it all was to get a long ethernet cable and place another access point/router as I needed. 



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Re: Wireless Network Extender - Mine works great

I'm using a Netgear range extender WN3000RP (available at Best Buy for about $67 or on and it works great with my AT&T 2Wire Uverse Router.  Since there isn't a physical button on the outside of the AT&T router to push I found the fastest way to set it up is to just connect the Netgear range extender via ethernet cable to a PC and do the set up on the Netgear.  This is the best because I couldn't get the software button to work in the AT&T router software (the button that is normally on the outside of the Linksys/Netgear routers that you push to sync up with range extenders is now built into the AT&T software).

You can log into the Netgear and tell it to do a scan of your wireless connections.  Find your AT&T router and put in your security key.  That's about all you need to do.  It is very easy and works great.  I also have my Netgear Router that is fairly new, plugged into the AT&T router (on different channels) and it works fine too (that's a different story).

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Re: Wireless Network Extender

Has ANYONE found a solution to a too-weak ATT WiFi signal? We have a 3-storey house, and the wifi is puny in one area - the one where I have my wi-fi capable Blu-ray. I am confused by all the hardware available: bridges, gateways, routers, etc.

I would have thought ATT would have worked this out for us customers, or at least tell us what piece of equipment to buy. I have even seen devices advertise that use the house electrical wiring to effect some sort of network, but I can't tell if the ATT Router/Modem will work with them.



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