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Windows Phone 7 ATT email failure


Windows Phone 7 ATT email failure

I have three cell phones - 2 Samsung Focus (Focii?) and an IPhone, AT&T wireless service, AT&T DSL service, and all of my four landlines are AT&T.  One would think that I could send a an email from my cell phone through my AT&T email account, but I cannot.


I can retrieve emails with my cell phone from my gmail account, my windows live account, and my business email account.  But my ATT account?  No way!


I have set up my ATT email account on the cell phone with all of the correct settings for a pop 3 account, i.e., SSL, outbound.att,net:465, SSL, authentication required, using my correct email account logon and password.  I simply cannot send or receive any email in my account on the cell phone.  I get the dreaded "enter password" prompt that plagues just about everyone who tries to use ATT email (including me from time to time on my office computers using Windows 7).


My online chat with ATT was a joke, and my ATT agent locally has exhausted all of his contacts, with no one knowing how to access ATT email from a WP7 cell phone.


I am told that the problem made be with the security certificate between the cell phone and the email servers, but that is way beyond my pay grade.


Has anyone ever figured out how to successfully configure a Windows 7 cell phone to send and receive ATT email?


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Re: Windows Phone 7 ATT email failure

good luck with this one. I have to log in at to get any device e-mail to start working again. Att says it is a third party software issue. They also wanted to sell me support for 120$. Many people have the same issue. They pay for support only to get it working for a few days. 

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Re: Windows Phone 7 ATT email failure

go to and log in and then check your phone email and see if it works.

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Re: Windows Phone 7 ATT email failure

Nope.  With cell phone on my wireless network, go to internet, cannot logon - get "Invalid ID/Password.  But it works fine from the PC with the same logon & password.

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