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Will my Uverse modem work with DSL Elite?


Will my Uverse modem work with DSL Elite?

My family and I recently moved from a condo with Uverse (18MBs) to a house which only gets DSL Elite (6MBs).


The alternative is Comcast which has comparable speed to Uverse but also comes with awful Comcast customer service.


So, I am considering DSL Elite, but need to know whether my Uverse modem will work with the slower DSL Elite. I did an AT&T chat session, and that representative told me it would be compatible but could not give me any link or documentation. She was more interested in signing me up.


Have any of you successfully used the Uverse modem with the DSL Elite? Or do you have any links to documentation that would answer the question for me?

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Re: Will my Uverse modem work with DSL Elite?

I don't think there's any way to use Uverse's router with anything other than Uverse.


You might try sending a PM to Alex and see if he can find out when/if Uverse will be available in your area.  DSL is being phased out in many areas and customers are having to go with Uverse.


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Re: Will my Uverse modem work with DSL Elite?

Which model gateway?


Since you specified Uverse gateway (modem), depending on the actual model of gateway you have, you may be required to return it to AT&T or else they may ding you for it, and since you've changed services (and probably accounts) you may not know about it until they send it to a collection agency.


 Unfortunately, lately, AT&T is becoming comparable in customer service as well. Smiley Wink

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Re: Will my Uverse modem work with DSL Elite?

Model (from the label) appears to be 2Wire 3600HGV. I had to buy it outright at time of installation back in December, so it's mine. Might try selling it on eBay to recoup some cost or just keep it in case Uverse comes through.

For now it looks like we're in for Comcast. I would stick with AT&T even at the slower DSL Elite speed but I do not want to be roped into buying another modem.
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