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Will DSL ever be available?

Will DSL ever be available?

I would love for someone from AT&T to contact me about when this might happen, if ever.  I would love to get a straight answer from someone at AT&T concerning availability.  I would love for someone at AT&T to explain to me how one can persuade them to consider expanding their service.  No one can escalate issues.  The only answer you ever get is to keep checking on availability.  No one, even at the local level, can tell you if there are any plans to ever expand it.  Still when you call customer service, on occasion, you get someone who tells you that it will probably be available in about a month.  Neighbors in the area tell me they have been getting the same responses from AT&T for years. 


If I just knew how to contact someone other than a customer service agent who tells me they can't escalate anything I would be willing to do the leg work for them.  I would even be willing to go door to door and sell their service and not charge them one cent if I knew how to get the prospective customers to someone who could actually do something about it.  How is it that a customer service supervisor at a major corporation can't escalate an issue?  I work for a major corporation myself and I can assure you that issues can be escalated all the way to our CEO.  Honestly, I have dealt with some pretty crappy companies, but I have never dealt with a company like AT&T. 


Please, if someone at AT&T would be willing to contact me I would love to hear from you.


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Re: Will DSL ever be available?

I am on the same journey as you. When I found this community board and opened it I was amazed that you had already written my letter. You have written my thoughts down so thoroughly that we could be one in the same. In fact, at first I thought my husband had beaten me to the punch and posted this very message.

It is a very dark place here at AT&T regarding access to DSL or fiber optic U verse. Thank you for expressing youself and others so completely regarding AT&T's inablility to address the customer's questions and needs. I too, would love to speak with someone who has answers.

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Re: Will DSL ever be available?

You wont get any answers or help in this so called "AT&T support forum" (go figure). You will only see moderators moving threads around for so called "better exposure" and questions never get answered there either except for an occasional canned response that has nothing to do with fixing your problem.


Sad but true. AT&T in all their glory taking your money but giving you very little in return. But then given AT&T's track record over history, it's not at all unexpected. Just about par for the course.

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Re: Will DSL ever be available?

This would be hilarious if it weren't so sad.  It's been 12 hours since I posted and no response from anyone at AT&T on an AT&T board.  I guess I will just continue to make my weekly call to AT&T, sit on hold for at least 30 minutes (like always) and then be told that it's still not available until I either move to an area with a reputable phone company or I take my dying breath whichever comes first.  Another thing that is amazing is that when you call AT&T for "service" if you put your phone number in you will always sit on hold for at least 30 minutes.  If you answer that "I don't have one" and act like a new customer you get someone to take your call in just a few minutes usually.  I have called back to back several times alternating using my existing number and pretending to be a new customer over and over just to prove my theory.  I guess if you are an existing customer you are probably calling to complain about their crappy service or to inquire about some new-fangled service you heard they were offering (like DSL) and they don't want to be bothered with that.  They would much rather dupe some new sucker by telling them that you can get DSL when they know that you can't only to have them find out after the order is placed.  I'm sure AT&T will tell you that this is not their practices and they take all calls in the order they were rec'd, but I have proven this multiple times.


Can someone else tell me about another organization, other than the IRS at tax time, that offers such horrible customer service and stays in business???


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Re: Will DSL ever be available?

Looks like I'm not the only one wondering if I will ever be able to get DSL.  I have been checking AT&T's availability site for 6 years and no hint of it ever being available.  The odd thing is that it is available all around me!  Makes no sense to me at all.  We currently must use the local TV cable company which has a monopoly on service in our area, which I do not understand either.  We do not live in the city limits of the cable company's hub but yet the city council for that town voted to allow one and only one cable TV provider.  We live approximately 13 miles outside the city limits.  This only applies to cable TV service, however, since no other cable TV company is allowed, i.e.. knology, charter, etc.  we pay outrageous prices for service because this particular cable company will not allow you to just subscribe for internet service, it's all or nothing.  My daughter lives five miles south of me; her father-in-law lives less than a mile north of me. Both have AT&T Internet service but not me.  And I agree, don't try to talk to a human cause it "ain't" happenin'.

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Re: Will DSL ever be available?

I, too, have been trying to get AT&T (or ANY!) internet service. For the past 7 or 8 years AT&T, Comcast, etc have been saying that within the year they would offer service in my area and haven't yet. I live outside the city, but about a mile away from a highway and the airport in our town. I would love for someone from AT&T to just give me a timeline of when they may extend service to this area. All we can do is use an air card which is no faster than dial-up.

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Re: Will DSL ever be available?

Short answer: No, it likely will not be available to you.


Long answer:  To keep from having you read so much text that your eyes will dry up in their sockets... I live in Tennessee, on a rural street where everyone around us (further from town even) have DSL access, yet we can't get it down just our road. Given the run around for a few years now and have been told numerous things, finally getting a fairly straight answer of the authorization paperwork for our road to get supplied had gotten lost in the employee in charge transferring. We live under an 1/4th mi from where service is available, which even runs down the road we live off of, it is literally just the stretch of road between "Roberts Rd" and "Plank Rd" where service isn't available.


We've gone to the Mayor, who helped to the best of his abilities, got in contact with an engineer (who provided us the above reason with the paperwork) who was even nice enough to attempt to get the ball rolling. Got to the point that I dug up the office mailing address for the President of AT&T Tennessee (and might oversee other states), where we sent a nice letter with delivery confirmation, explaining our situation and asking for help. We received a short response back which basically said "you're {word filter evasion}". He said they are persuing wireless options and we could get that if needed, which we had already explained that we CANNOT GET AT&T Wireless on our property, as we had them when we moved to Tennessee but had to drop them. I also know the Program Lead for Microsoft's Hotmail division and he even sent out an email explaining the situation to AT&T, which DID result in something more than ever before, but ultimately got declined for sevice since work would have to be done and money get spent... This would have been a business line as well, mind you. On top of that we have contacted just the could neighbors around us (about 1/4 of the total residents on this stretch) and they all want DSL too, so it's not just my family they are denying.


Options we have for internet:

-Verizon Wireless Broadband (which we have) but like all cell service we get virtually none. Our modem has to be taped to an upstairs window in order to get enough signal!

-Satellite Based, which is not an option since the price is higher, and only a worthless 500mb/day bandwidth limit!


That's it! AT&T owns the telephone lines, so no other companies can offer it. There is NO cable service, so that's all not available. Yet the best thing? We live only 30-40miles North of Chattanooga, which recently rolled out the fastest consumer available broadband in the US, at 1000mbit (1gigabit), but here we are... not able to get jack squat Smiley Mad


I'm off to the BBB after this post since it's refuled my anger towards our situation. Which BTW, we were promised twice before we moved that DSL was available, and even reserved it...


This will likely get edited out, but I don't care:


AT&T doesn't want to spend a few grand to get us service, but will spend almost $40BILLION for T-Mobile, which will still require almost $4BILLION more in order to get 4G to the amount of the US they want covered. Smiley Sad 



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