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Why is AT&T Not Honoring the Promotional Rate they Advertised??


Why is AT&T Not Honoring the Promotional Rate they Advertised??

I have been a new AT&T customer since December 2010.  When I signed up to get service, I did it online and the advertised internet promotional rate was $14.95 for the first year (instead of the full $35 for Pro).  After signing up, I got a confirmation sheet showing the charges, and the $14.95 price was clearly indicated.  When I got my first bill, I was charged the full amount of $35.  I called the 800 number and was told that I needed to wait 3 months to see the promotional price.  Three months later, same thing.  I called and was told to wait one more month.  The following month, same thing.  Here I am 8 months later and I have yet to see the promotional rate on my bill!!  I have tried calling, chatting online with reps, sending e-mails to customer service, and even sending letters by mail.  All these efforts have been a big waste of time!!  I get sooo frustrated when I call them on the 800 number.  They are not helpful at all.  And when I ask to be transferred to a manager, they simply transfer me to a wrong department!  The last time I talked to a rep, she told me that the reason I was not getting the promotional rate was because I am not under a "contract" with them!!  Are you kidding me??!!!  If I was not under a contract, whey did my confirmation sheet say I will be paying $14.95??  And if I was not under a "contract" why didn't they mention it the first time I called??  Or the second time?? Or the third time??  This is just plain ridiculous!!  Has anyone else had the same horrible experience?  Is the only choice disconnecting service?  It's really unfortunate that a company like AT&T needs to lie in order to get new customers.  Isn't that false advertising??!!. [Per Guidelines:  Keep it Relevant and Appropriate].

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Re: Why is AT&T Not Honoring the Promotional Rate they Advertised??

same thing is happening to me..just got my first bill...expecting $14.95.......35 bucks??  Smiley Sad((  now i have to wait until monday to call and see whats going on before they try to take it out of the bank...

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Re: Why is AT&T Not Honoring the Promotional Rate they Advertised??

I am going through something similar and it is soooooo irritating. I signed up for the promotion October 2010, and it took about 4-5 months of calling every single time I got a bill before the promotion was added to my monthly statement. Each month they would credit my account so that it was the correct price and then they would tell me that the following month would be correct. Sometimes I would be on the phone with them for over an hour. I thought everything would be good from that point on when the promotion was finally adding correctly to my bill, but was I ever wrong. My husband and I just bought a house in May 2011, transferred our service to our new home, and now the nightmare has started again. When I had the service transferred, they didn't tell me it would temporariy kick me out of the promotion. On my first bill at my new home, I was charged full price for June and also for some kit that was $13 that I didn't want or ask for. It was just mailed to me automatically. I called and was told by the rep it would take a couple of months for the promotion to add back to my account, but she would take the kit off my bill and credit my account so that June would only be 15. I decided to wait on paying my bill until I received July's statement, so I could see where the charges were taken off. I got a late notice yesterday, and it was $13 less meaning they only credited me for the kit. I called to see what happened and was then told by a rep that I had to pay full price for two months since my address changed and the other rep was wrong and that there was nothing she could do. I told her that I have had multiple issues with ATT and if this wasn't resolved I was leaving as a customer. She told me she would transfer me to a retention department, but I was just transferred to tech support who couldn't help me. I am always told something different by the reps so I emailed customer service after that hour long ordeal. If it isn't corrected by Tuesday, I am calling another company to set up service with them! I am not going through this crap again!

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Re: Why is AT&T Not Honoring the Promotional Rate they Advertised??

I have been an AT&T customer since April 2011; it is now July, I am still being overcharge -- instead of $14.95, I am paying $42.95; I am giving them one more month to fix this.  Based on the amount I have been overpaying, I should get free service for about 6 months!  If it isn't fixed, I'm reporting them to the FCC.

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Re: Why is AT&T Not Honoring the Promotional Rate they Advertised??

Ok, so I got my new bill and am still being charged $35 instead of the promotional $14.95, and I didn't see any credit applied for overpaying $20.05 for the last 8 months.  Is there an AT&T employee reading this who can help with this, PLEASE??!!  I see so much advertising about how important customer service is for AT&T.  What kind of customer service is this??!!  Ignoring customers is NOT customer service! 

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Re: Why is AT&T Not Honoring the Promotional Rate they Advertised??

Like the first poster I was a new customer since December 2010. Signed up for the $14.95/mo promo. I called Customer service almost every time I received my bill. December to February I was charged $42.95 and paid the full amount after talking to customer service and being told that the correct price will be on the next bill along with a credit for the previous months were I paid the full amount. In March & April when I called, the rep I talked to credited my account $28.00 to reflect the $14.95 promo price. May and June I did not call and was charged $42.95 each month but June's bill had a $46.00 credit, ($23.00 for May and $23.00 for June making the bill $19.95 each month). Closer but still not correct. Today I find out that the promo price was not added to my account until March (which I believe the promo price during March was $19.95) but I did not sign-up in March I signed up in December. Their error in entering the promo price at the time of ordering is not only costing me $5 extra dollars a month but has also extended my 12 month contract to 15 month with no compensation for the first 3 months where they messed up. I was also told that the $14.95 promo price was if I had 2 service through them and since I do not the promo price is $19.95. At no time during any of my conversation with a rep was I told this information until today 8 months after I thought I had signed up for $14.95/mo. Why am I having to pay for AT&T's mistake?


After going through my bills I should have a $71.00 credit if I was billed from December 2010 to current at the $14.95 rate.

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Re: Why is AT&T Not Honoring the Promotional Rate they Advertised??

I experience the same except ATT charged me $40 for the first 3 months. This company is disgusting! What happened to me from ATT horrified me! Now I knew how far a company can go beyond what it promised!

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Re: Why is AT&T Not Honoring the Promotional Rate they Advertised??

It's sad that the company will not even try to resolve the problem at their level when it's still possible to correct errors.  It's understandable that once in a while they make mistakes, but with other utilities and large companies, all it ever took for me was one phone call, and the error was corrected on the spot.  Hmmmm, what's going on with AT&T???  Why are they forcing their customers to go through the effort of taking further action for something that they can correct themselves if they only made the effort?  With so many people going through this, the problem is escalating.  AT&T is stealing money from it's customers and they think they are going to get away with it?  Unbelievable!!

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Re: Why is AT&T Not Honoring the Promotional Rate they Advertised??

I have the same problem, also problems with the customer service representatives from Billing department, as I was redirected several times to Technical Support even if I have Billing problems, then finally a technical support representative told me to write at the forum so my complaint is considered by the "AT&T highest authority". I HOPE SO because I AM TIRED TO SPEND HOURS AT THE PHONE WITHOUT BEING HELPED!!!


I am an AT&T customer for almost 1 year, with Internet DSL service (HSI PRO N), and during this period I encountered many issues with the service, customer care and extremely frustrating – I am overcharged by AT&T for more than $200 that I insist to be refunded, before appealing to other law institutions!!!


My first Internet account was active on September 18th 2010, account no. with the payment offer of $14.95 after first 2 billing cycles of $40.00, and bayed in advance $100.00 at the moment of order.

On November 1st I had to move, and I called to move my service around November 12, also to request the credit transfer after less than 2 months of service.

I was told that another account has to be open, but I will keep the offer of 14.95 because 2 billing cycles already passed and never gave up on service even if I move, but “the adjustments may appear only after 60 days”.

2nd Account no.  service was active on November 16, but the phone operator misspelled my first name RULIA instead of IULIA. I enrolled then in EasyCharge program also. On December 7, I receive the first bill of $40 (not the promised $14.95), no previous account credit applied and I notice the wrong name. When called AT&T the representative applied adjustment and regarding the correction of name I was transferred repeatedly to more than 5 extensions, once even to a translation center... seemed no one is in charge/ able to help me, until one day someone said “is fixed”...

Unfortunately on December 13 my service stopped suddenly and of course I called to ask technical support. Again I spent hours at the phone trying to find help, operators running connectivity checks, to be told that my service shows to start on December 18 “probably because of name correction” and that they “cannot send anyone to my apartment until that date”! That was ridiculous, especially that my next bills and statements were still having my misspelled first name and when someone got to the apartment on 20 of December, it was true that was a technical problem at the building control panel, not my presumed service settings/ name change.

Unfortunately in the middle of the winter, because of administrative conditions, on January 1st I had to move again, and opened my current AT&T account: , active on 01/11/2011. Then I was speaking about all my issues with Mr.. Michael  which assured me that everything will be fixed, I will have the offer of $14.95, that the supervisors are listening our conversation about all my issues and that I will receive a letter of apologize from AT&T, also provided his ID and phone extension  for future reference. Guess what? I got no letter, this is my 7th bill paying $40, and there is no way I can reach this employee!!!

However, the final bills after I closed 2nd account, show correct adjustments and a final credit of $36.75 that was never transferred to my current account or refunded on the debit card as explained on web site in case of EasyCharge.

I was repeatedly calling the billing department to adjust all my bills, but no success! I was told that there is no comment in my profile about all my issues and/or that I qualified for the $14.95 offer when opened the account; that someone will call me but no one followed up my request; that I should speak with another department being transferred to Technical Support... I was even hang up on!

This is ridiculous and unacceptable!!! Is billing department doing something else than saying general customer service phrases like “we understand this must be very frustrating...”??? Yes it is but it seems no one is actually doing something! And YES I was qualified for the 14.95 offer, not only because I had it from the first account but AT&T was still advertising it at the moment I opened the account!

I want on my Debit Card refunded the previous account credit $36.75 and all the adjustments of $25.05 for each bill with the current account!!!

{Personal content removed for your safety}

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Re: Why is AT&T Not Honoring the Promotional Rate they Advertised??

WOW!!!!!!!! How can it be this many similar stories and AT&T is still frauding their customers. I signed up for the same deal 14.95 a piece phone & Internet service back in June 2011 and was also told I had to make an $100 deposit that would be refunded one year of service.Not only am I on the phone with them month after month they tell me that they never had that deal and they can not apply anything of the sort to me though this was my verbal contract when I called to obtain service... They then offer me a price of $34 phone service and $11 Internet service... And the only reason I agreed to that is because I was starting an online business and the constant interruption was affecting my business.... With this "NEW" agreement they still over charged me month after month that they credited my bill $130 which meant my bill was back to $0. The very next month I receive my bill it stated I owed $90!! So when I called to inquire what the bleep this high bill was all about they told me I have to pay for new service & reconnecting fees, basically I was suppose to pay for their mistake. Not to mention I always ask to speak to a supervisor or manager and constantly told " one will contact you within 24-48 hours. Nobody has yet called me but were quick to disconnect me and send my bill to an collections agency jeopardizing my credit score.Today I contacted FCC and they will get to the bottom of this and I advise EVERYONE to do the same because it is a waste of time dealing with at&t any longer...
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Re: Why is AT&T Not Honoring the Promotional Rate they Advertised??

Thought I would offer additional support and documentation for this on-going bait-and-switch scam that AT&T is running in Kansas.

I too signed up for $29.95/mo. internet only 6 and free modem.  First bill came to $192.  Of that amount, I was being charged $48/mo for internet. Took a number of times and one hour on the phone to get through to a rep.

The rep said he could not find who had promised me this rate, and that no modem refund was coming because I didn't "have a contract."  {word filter evasion}?  Who signed me up?  God? Satan?

Only way rep could get me the modem refund (which was promised to show up in 2-3 weeks) was to upgrade to internet + phone for $32/mo.

I asked rep if this was the amount which would show up on my bill. He said "NO" and that for 2-3 months the amount would show up as $65/mo but the credit department would issue me the difference in 2-3 months.

I plan on paying the $32/mo and referencing the call ticket number on every invoice.

What a total crock of {word filter evasion} to have to go through this much pain and suffereing to get a price that has been clearly promised and articulated both on the internet and by their account reps.

This is the kind of thing that is adding fuel to the revolutionary fires.

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Re: Why is AT&T Not Honoring the Promotional Rate they Advertised??

Try contacting Alex, one of the AT&T Community Managers for further assistance.

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Re: Why is AT&T Not Honoring the Promotional Rate they Advertised??

Yes the honor system is something of the past. We are paying over 55 a month for DSL that barely makes the 5 MPH speed, what gives, how long does it take for att to get the lines working and deliver the 55 dolar speed service they promised?...
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Re: Why is AT&T Not Honoring the Promotional Rate they Advertised??

I get the same issue, and it make me feel it's scam from ATT what they doing. I tried to call the customer support so many times ask them why I didn't get the promotion yet and they told me you need to wait 6 months until the promotion will be in your account. Now it's been 8 months, and I just called them. The rep told me sorry you can't get the promotion anymore. I said why then he told me why you didn't call from first month. I told him I did then he said sorry I can't see any note said you did. He said now it's too late and you never give the promotion. I told him I wanna talk to the manger and after an hour. The manger Judy told me sorry you can't get anything and it was so rude with my. I told her I will report all these issue because what you doing is a scam and the agreement and term of the service I have said " All the promotion will apply to the bill without notice" I tried to get her full name but she refuse to give me her name.

Well I called again and one rep was so helpful, and I told her the all story. Then she said you need to call the Group ATT and tell them about this. They suppose to help you if you submitted your order online. She said they close now but give them call this Monday.

I get so frustrated of this. I am really satisfies with the service but after this I will cancel the service if I didn't get the promotion. Simply because I don't like anyone to take advantage and make me feel stupid. 


Guys is there anyway to [Per Guidelines:  Keep it Relevant and Appropriate]. or report this issue. Since we all have the same problem we need to do something or report this issue for a report news? Anyone know what should we do? I 

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Re: Why is AT&T Not Honoring the Promotional Rate they Advertised??

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