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Why is AT&T Not Honoring the Promotional Rate they Advertised??


Why is AT&T Not Honoring the Promotional Rate they Advertised??

I have been a new AT&T customer since December 2010.  When I signed up to get service, I did it online and the advertised internet promotional rate was $14.95 for the first year (instead of the full $35 for Pro).  After signing up, I got a confirmation sheet showing the charges, and the $14.95 price was clearly indicated.  When I got my first bill, I was charged the full amount of $35.  I called the 800 number and was told that I needed to wait 3 months to see the promotional price.  Three months later, same thing.  I called and was told to wait one more month.  The following month, same thing.  Here I am 8 months later and I have yet to see the promotional rate on my bill!!  I have tried calling, chatting online with reps, sending e-mails to customer service, and even sending letters by mail.  All these efforts have been a big waste of time!!  I get sooo frustrated when I call them on the 800 number.  They are not helpful at all.  And when I ask to be transferred to a manager, they simply transfer me to a wrong department!  The last time I talked to a rep, she told me that the reason I was not getting the promotional rate was because I am not under a "contract" with them!!  Are you kidding me??!!!  If I was not under a contract, whey did my confirmation sheet say I will be paying $14.95??  And if I was not under a "contract" why didn't they mention it the first time I called??  Or the second time?? Or the third time??  This is just plain ridiculous!!  Has anyone else had the same horrible experience?  Is the only choice disconnecting service?  It's really unfortunate that a company like AT&T needs to lie in order to get new customers.  Isn't that false advertising??!!. [Per Guidelines:  Keep it Relevant and Appropriate].

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Re: Why is AT&T Not Honoring the Promotional Rate they Advertised??

Regular DSL is currently much less than that amount; do you have Uverse Internet?


They spell it out in the fine print that the speeds are *up to* and *not guaranteed* . Smiley Sad


Try contacting Alex, one of the AT&T Community Managers for further assistance.

WK3231 wrote:
Yes the honor system is something of the past. We are paying over 55 a month for DSL that barely makes the 5 MPH speed, what gives, how long does it take for att to get the lines working and deliver the 55 dolar speed service they promised?...


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Re: Why is AT&T Not Honoring the Promotional Rate they Advertised??

Try contacting Alex, one of the AT&T Community Managers for further assistance.


khoujayk wrote:

I get the same issue, and it make me feel it's scam from ATT what they doing. I tried to call the customer support so many times ask them why I didn't get the promotion yet and they told me you need to wait 6 months until the promotion will be in your account. Now it's been 8 months, and I just called them. The rep told me sorry you can't get the promotion anymore. I said why then he told me why you didn't call from first month. I told him I did then he said sorry I can't see any note said you did. He said now it's too late and you never give the promotion. I told him I wanna talk to the manger and after an hour. The manger Judy told me sorry you can't get anything and it was so rude with my. I told her I will report all these issue because what you doing is a scam and the agreement and term of the service I have said " All the promotion will apply to the bill without notice" I tried to get her full name but she refuse to give me her name.

Well I called again and one rep was so helpful, and I told her the all story. Then she said you need to call the Group ATT and tell them about this. They suppose to help you if you submitted your order online. She said they close now but give them call this Monday.

I get so frustrated of this. I am really satisfies with the service but after this I will cancel the service if I didn't get the promotion. Simply because I don't like anyone to take advantage and make me feel stupid. 


Guys is there anyway [Per Guidelines:  Keep it Relevant and Appropriate]. or report this issue. Since we all have the same problem we need to do something or report this issue for a report news? Anyone know what should we do? I 

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