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Which is better?


Which is better?

I have issues with my slow connection. Should I call or chat?
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Re: Which is better?

@ Diamond,


chat - you'll be able to get a techsupport agent asap, saves time

- if you can't deal with some agents' thick accent (coz probably you'll get an offshore one), chat is better

- will ask you to do troubleshooting, then might ask you to call for further troubleshooting if issue is not fixed


call - patience is needed with their automated system. there's a chance you may get lost with ALL THE OPTIONS! :smileyhappy:

- you may be on hold for a while before getting an agent


if you decide to call, make sure you have free time

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Re: Which is better?


Diamond wrote:
I have issues with my slow connection. Should I call or chat?



For connection issues such as slow browse, its better to call the Technical Support Department.  If troubleshooting would require you to disconnect a cable or check filters, doing it in chat will cut the session.


For email issues, it's better to chat online for support. Chat people are good with email problems.

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Re: Which is better?

For slow connections, I would rather go to call. It will be better if you will a speed test, let the modem be directly connected to the phonejack and make ensure you don't have any possible source of Electromagnetic Devices like burglar alarms, satellite dishes, halogen lamps,etc.
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