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Where do I file a complaint?


Where do I file a complaint?

I have tried unsuccessfully since March 19th of this year to have a problem with my DSL connection corrected.  I have a dispatch and trouble ticket put in at least every other since then and to no resolve.  No one even bothers to come out anymore.  They don't answer their calls or even call back any longer.  I don't understand.  Ive talked to so many people that I am blue in the face.  Nothing ever gets settled or fixed.  Very frustrated


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Re: Where do I file a complaint?

Welcome jennzcobra. I'm sorry to hear about the ongoing trouble. For assistance with account specific questions/concerns, please send me a Private Message (click hyperlink to send me a PM) with your name, account number, phone number and the best time to contact you.  We'll get you in touch with the appropriate group.


*To send a private message, you can either click on the link in this message or click on the little blue envelope in the upper right hand corner, click "compose new message" and type my username in the "Send To" field.




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