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When phone rings I get disconnected


When phone rings I get disconnected

The first couple of years there were on problems but the last year whenever the phone rings or we hang up we get disconnected. At&t came out and changed some lines around and at first I believed it help but now it is doing the same thing...Any ideas? Thanks,
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Re: When phone rings I get disconnected

Hi I have encountered the same situation before.i called att several times and they sent several tech but ive been getting the same issue they informed me that i would need to contact the telephone company to check the phonelines and before doing it i also checked filters installed on my devices.the telephone company sent a repairman and after he left i have never encountered the same issue before after that i learned that dsl signal and voices are passing thru a single line and more often they conflict if filters are not installed correctly i advice that you check all of your devices connected to your phone jack using the same number as your dsl and if everything seemed to be ok then try calling your local telephone company so they can send a tech out for you : )
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