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When my husband turns on his computer, he has no internet and it makes mine drop


When my husband turns on his computer, he has no internet and it makes mine drop

Please help.  I have been having connection issues for a while.  I have had two different technicians at my house and no one seems to be able to help.  I finally realized that the connection loss seems to be tied to my husband's laptop.  When he turns his computer on, mine drops internet and it will not come back on until his shuts his off.  Any ideas???

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Re: When my husband turns on his computer, he has no internet and it makes mine drop

if you are using a router of any sort it could be dropping the signal due to conflicting packets or its bottlenecking.. I had a linksys router that did that to me... was a 10/100 linksys wireless router with cable... i couldnt run both at the same time.. I ended up having to choose one over the other for both computers... otherwise it would disconnect, I later found out it was bottlenecking and couldnt transmit both traffic through both feed types and it resulted in the router itself crashing resulting in no internet.. then 10 minutes later it would come back up.. let me back on for a few minutes then do it again... so I purchased a WNDR3700 netgear router and no more problems Smiley Very Happy


so if one of you are connecting wirelessly and the other via a RJ-45 cable (network cable) try putting them both on the cable into your router and see if that fixes anything.. if not it could still be a bottleneck which leads to crashing... if you have no problems until the other computer boots up (meaning hours without problems) then its a conflict with packets and in my opinion I would look into getting another router such as the one i mentioned above.. "netgear wndr3700 10/100/1000" it may be expensive but I've tried several routers... and this one can handle anything you can throw at it for home use.

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