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When is DSL coming to my area?


When is DSL coming to my area?

I know you can't answer what seems like a impossible question but I hope you can direct me to the person who might can answer it. Several months ago AT&T ran a brand new fiber optic cable down the road we live on. I stopped and asked I'd it might be DSL. The guy said it could be.... I stopped by an AT&T location and asked if they could tell me. They checked and said nothing showed up for our area but to check back in a month. I has been several months now and still no one can give me a simple yes or no answer . We have satellite Internet that they say is not compatible with the device that lets you use your AT&T cell phone in an area without good signal. I want to swap my husband's cell service to join me on AT&T but I cannot due to signal issues. How can I get definitive answers???
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Re: When is DSL coming to my area?

Just because they dropped some fiber in your area means nothing.  It means about as much as if they didn't run anything.  They will run line right past  your house to reach a densly populated area.  There is fiber right near us and I've heard nothing definitive about it ever being available to our area.  I even know people that were 100ft from a box and ATT would not add another line for them to get DSL.  That was 2+ years ago and it had been a few years since the time the told me that.  Don't expect upgrades even if you seen lines.

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