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What westell 6100 to buy


What westell 6100 to buy

Dear readers


Again, I just completed an hour long agonizing conversion on the phone with tech support (after disconnected twice ...don't know on purpose but those tech people are little bit panicky when you ask challenging questions…just my 2 cents) , they couldn't be able to tell the difference between a brand name of a modem and a model number on the modem. How ironic.

I am posting this question to this forum knowing that there are a lot of smarter people out there which could be able to answer this simple question.

I am buying my own modem and wanted to go with Westell 6100 (instead of the 'hot' Motorola) and I have the following options to choose from. Can any one out there can tell me which one works with At&t or all do fine?


Westell 6100

Model C90-610030-06 Unit No. 2591, 0503, 8601 or 0649.


Westell 6100

Model No. C90-610030-06 9850 Unit No. 9850 / 1616 (LST-0603x)


Westell 6100

Model No. C90-610030-06   Unit No. 1807

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Re: What westell 6100 to buy

Hi Newyon2010,


Please accept my most sincere apology for  this inconvenience.

Determining the modem's name and the model is one of the basic things that a Technical Support Representative should know.


The Westell 6100 that AT&T usually supports is a black modem with 5 lights: Power, Ethernet, USB, DSL, and Internet. At the back panel, you will see: DSL (Green), USB (Blue), Power (White), Ethernet (Yellow), and Reset (Red).


On the other hand, we have several other modems that you might be interested with. Here are the list of modems and its model:


-Netopia 3347,




-Westell Versalink 327W




-2Wire 270HG-B


For specifications on the above mention modems, you may refer our online



Should you need further help regarding your post, please feel free to reply on this thread, contact AT&T eChat support or call our Technical Support Helpdesk.

You may reach them at 1 888 321 2375 if you are from these states - KY, TN, NC, SC, LA, MS, AL, GA, FL; and 1 877 722 3755 if you are located in CA, NV, KS, MO, OK, AR, TX, WI, MI, IL, IN, OH, CT.

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