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What is Going?? DSL vs Internet


What is Going?? DSL vs Internet

Started At&t Feb 1st 2012, only 1.5mb available. No problems until 12 days ago, at about 5pm I lost internet, at about 7pm it came back. Then it started to go away earlier and earlier. Now at about 3pm to 7pm. Now this is the strange part, just for fun (right in the middle of this internet blackout) I started my FTP client and WOW it started pulling down 1.5mbs no problem. Shut it down and yep, still no internet, went back to FTP and 1.5mbs no problem. Tried IE and Chrome and FireFox all failed. So I decided to cut back the FTP client to 75kb then try the internet, yep it WORKED. I tried every combo to no avail. Only the FTP at half speed allows Internet connection during this drop period. But is it really a drop, what is it ???? I have no clue. Any help or info gets a big thanks



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Re: What is Going?? DSL vs Internet

Finally yesterday it started to perform normally. So far so good today. Thanks for all your help, and comments haha..... 

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