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What happened with my internet speed?


What happened with my internet speed?

We are one of the many families in America who suffer from slow internet speeds thanks to AT&T. Our internet used to be incredibly fast up until the summer of last year when it was out for about 2 weeks. Ever since that happened our internet has slowed down significantly. Our internet was able to hold up lots of bandwidth. My son could be playing on his xbox and his sister and I could be surfing the web on two DIFFERENT computers and he would have no trouble playing and we would have no trouble surfing. Now, we have to schedule who can use what at what times because the internet can barely hold up one source. I just want to know, what happened?

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Re: What happened with my internet speed?

I got ATT DSL a few months ago, the first month it did OK, then slow speeds, constantly losing connection. Got a new modem, tech came replaced a wire on their end, still bad. For the last month my dsl ping is 300-800ms, unusable except to check email, ect, gaming, youtube, videos...forget it.


I almost died this morning, actually had a ping of 45, jitter of 1 and played online for a few hours, then it went back to it's normal self.


I spend more on my phone minutes holding with support than I do for the dsl........I've given up, worse service and support I've ever dealt with in my life. When I move next month, ATT will not be moving with me.

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Re: What happened with my internet speed?

Hi and welcome to the Community.  Sorry to hear about the internet trouble.  I recommend going through the steps in the following solution.. (May need to specify service type to view solution)


The Community may have other suggestions or tips.  If I can help further, please shoot me a Private Message.




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