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What gives? No Equipment


What gives? No Equipment

I ordered my service on 11/13, and it was supposed tobe installed on 11/17. In fact, the signal has arrived, but no such luck with my package that was supposed to include the modem that would enable my computer to access it.


I received an order confirmation on 11/24. Still nothing.


I've tried the phone, and I've tried every other venue I can to get at what I want to know.

The website won't let me check my order status; I've tried both my account number and my confirmation ID.


I had to register on this forum to complain; the reason this irks me should not need be explained.

This forum's "Post" and "New Message" buttons are invisible on my computer; the first draft of this message wouldn't submit.


This is the worst customer service I have dealt with in my entire life.

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Re: What gives? No Equipment

I called and the service representative told me my equipment was supposed to arrive before 6:00 PM today. As it is now almost 6:10, after waiting around 2 weeks since my declared installation date, I will be cancelling my service falsly-so-called.


Your service was horrible, and to make matters worse, you lied to me.


I'm going to find another Internet provider. I'm going to also spread the word on just how awful AT&T is.

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Re: What gives? No Equipment

I completely feel your pain. I ordered my modem the end of September. Nobody told me I needed a phone jack in my house when I ordered the modem. Modem comes, I realize I need a phone jack. After I don't know how many transfers and over an hour on the phone, a lady tells me someone will call me within 24 hours to schedule a phone jack to be installed. 2 days later, no call. I call them & get the run around, transfer here, transfer there. That lady set me up with an appt 3 weeks out, 3 weeks later comes, I take off work, sit at home, no one shows. I called, sat on hold for 22 minutes & hung up. I got a bill in the mail 2 days ago for having service, when I never even registered. I tried calling the day I got the bill. Got transferred 3 times & was on the phone for 53 minutes & finally hung up. Just got done chatting with an AT&T agent online to try & get this cleared up to where they won't keep billing me for internet I don't have, but he directed me to another chat, in which the hold time is greater than 15 minutes & has 10 people in que for. I soo regret trying to get AT&T.

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Re: What gives? No Equipment

Apparently, my confirmation eMail and the first two service representatives I talked to were simply lying.


I ordered "no equipment", and was going to be charged accordingly, but the email told me to wait for me equipment to arrive anyway. Once I finally got that sorted out, it arrived one day early but I had no idea the phone jack in my bedroom was disconnected.


For some reason, the thing wouldn't connect to the phone jacks in the house that do work, so I needed a repairman to come out. I've no idea what he did, but it's probably something that my dad (an electrician) could have done when he got home from work. Now I'm probably going to have to pay for his visit.


Anyway, a very small portion of blame lies on me for expecting a free modem just because my eMail said so.

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