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What a scam. $14.95/month? Try $30! And they won't tell you til you get the bill


What a scam. $14.95/month? Try $30! And they won't tell you til you get the bill

A couple months ago, I called AT&T to ask about Internet service. I was told the price would be $14.95 per month. Well, my first bill came the other day and it's $30 per month. I just spent the last two hours on the phone with the customer service department, and then finally the retention department. They told me the $14.95/mo rate is only for people who are also AT&T phone customers, and the best they could do is sign me up for the promotional rate of $24.95/mo with a 12-month contract.


I was told NOTHING of this when I called a couple of months ago and signed up. It was simply: "HOW MUCH IS IT?" ... "14.95 a month." ... "OK, SIGN ME UP." I feel very deceived. I signed up and agreed to the service based on the premise it was $14.95 a month. If their employee made a mistake or misled me, either by accident or on purpose, that's their fault, not mine. I agreed to service for $14.95, not $30! That's twice as much! And they won't do anything to remedy this situation. 


I'm done with AT&T. And will never be a customer again. I did the same thing 6 years ago when ***** Airlines charged my credit card for the wrong amount and refused to fix it. I haven't flown ***** since. AT&T will be handled the same way from now on.


The only reason I haven't cancelled my AT&T service yet is because I'm waiting for another provider to be installed, so that I won't go without internet in my home in the meantime. Then I'll call back to cancel. Seriously, how dumb do these people think I am? Did they really think I was going to stand for this? 


Misleading customers into purchasing your products and then charging them more than they agreed to pay is a horrible way to do business.


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Re: What a scam. $14.95/month? Try $30! And they won't tell you til you get the bill

Tell me about it. Nobody knows what they are doing there. They have been jerking me around for months w/ wrong info. Kept telling me,"We're sorry, you were given the wrong info." Even a manager gave me wrong information.  I left a nasty message on their facebook page and the asst. to the present got it done. Still took 2 weeks though and my order kept getting cancelled. They tried to do a credit check on my dog and couldn't find anything. duh! Finally got it set up 3 days ago. We'll see when the first bill comes if they got it right. I so want to get rid of them, but there is nothing else avialable out here. Now I am locked out of all my e-mails except one since I linked them to the id. My email client won't work.  They are the worst of the worst. 

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Re: What a scam. $14.95/month? Try $30! And they won't tell you til you get the bill

MerpinMerp wrote:
I've experienced a similare ordeal and have had zero luck with any representatives or supervisors.
I finally appealed to the BBB and filed a complaint against AT&T.

I recommend you consider doing the same.
It may be one of the best options in having AT&T be held accountable to their promotional rates.

If they aren't going to honor it as they say they will, they shouldn't be making it available in the first place.

Just my two cents from another disgruntled customer.



Wow, we've learned how to copy and paste.


Now if you would have spent your energy pasting your first post in a message to Alex, he could have someone contact you (within a couple of days) who will be able to address your issues and probably resolve them to your satisfaction.



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