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Westell modem ethernet light


Westell modem ethernet light

In my setup the westell modem is connected to a router. The problem happens with both my netgear and cisco router. My westell modem's ethernet light will blink rapidly at random times. It will continue blinking until I disconnect from the router for a few minutes. As far as I know the ethernet light will only blink to indicate that there is internet traffic. I have nothing connected to the internet and the light still blinks. Its a new problem as it started happening within the last few months. Any ideas?
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Re: Westell modem ethernet light

Hi  DeludedGreen,

I am so sorry if you are having issues with your Westell modem. It is true that the flashing ethernet light on most Westell Wirespeed modems(2100/2200/6100) means that there is a transmit and receive activity on both sides(traffic in either direction). However, if the ethernet light (for Westell 6100) is flashing green together with the DSL and USB lights, it indicates that there is a hardware failure detected.

Since the ethernet light in your modem is still blinking even without a device connected to it, you can try the steps below:

1. Powercycle the modem. - Turn the modem off by unplugging the power cord from the rear of the modem. Then reconnect the power cord to the rear of the modem after 10 seconds.

2. Reset the modem to its factory default settings. - You can do it by pressing the reset button located at the back of the modem.


        NOTE:  When the modem is reset to factory settings, the user configuration data will be lost.  

3. Make sure that you have the current firmware version installed.

The current firmware versions:
* Westell 2110 - 1.06.33
* Westell 2200 - 1.06.57
* Westell 6100 - 3.08.02

If the problem persists, please contact our DSL Help Desk for further assistance by clicking the link below.


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