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Westell A90-620025-20 can't unblock ports ?


Westell A90-620025-20 can't unblock ports ?



So my net was spiking / lagging for a bit over a week. I called in and was sent this new modem to see if the problem is with the modem or the line.


Again, it's the Westell A90-620025-20


With the old Motorola, I would go to the gateway IP and unblock any ports needed to host. I am not finding it now..the page is new. I look for "NAT" I think it is but I can't find it


I fired up Battlefield 1942, SOMEHOW a buddy joined me regardless. Still, I need to find this page



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Re: Westell A90-620025-20 can't unblock ports ?

I have a similar issue with F90-610025-06, I need to forward ports for a surveillance DVR but it doesn't appear to be an available option, do I need to use a different modem?

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