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Westell A90-620025-20 Loss of Sync


Westell A90-620025-20 Loss of Sync

For the past several months I have been getting random sync losses on my Westell MOdel C90-610030-06. I have had this modem several years and in general has worked great. The losses occur now several times an hour. During a rain, it is basically down. ATT said that the network was good, but I think there is something going on with the connectivity at the pole to the house. They sent me a new Westell Model A90-620025-20, but basically have the same symptoms. I have disconnected every device that connects to the phone line and still have same problem. Here are some modem statistics:

SN Margin 22.8/17.0
Line Attenuation 37.0/22/0
Loss of signal 34/313
Loss of frame 0/0
CRC Errors 18922/0

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Westell A90-620025-20 Loss of Sync



Just to let everyone know, the AT&T man came out today. He was working on another problem at the end of the street and he called me and said that he thought he found the problem. There was a birds nest in some kind of box. Not sure what kind of telco box a bird can get in, but there was definitely a nest and all the wires were kind of mangled. He said he had to rewire most of it. Amazingly, absolutely no disconnects and only 2 CRC errrors in the past 6 hours. And even more amazing, he gave me his cell number to call him if the problem reoccurred. That's good service.

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