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Westell 6100 modem & modem IP address


Westell 6100 modem & modem IP address

Does anyone know how to change the modem IP address that was set on I'd like to change to to connect my router 'cause the router requires to have 0.1 on end in order to work with videophone? AT&T tech support person said I'm "dynamic" customer so only "static" customers are allowed to change the modem IP address. O.o Do I have to call AT&T Tech Support and make a request to change the "" label in order to change my modem IP address? Thanks in advance!
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Re: Westell 6100 modem & modem IP address

what is your router?


i believe they wanted you to change the modem's gateway IP to avoid an IP conflict with the router. if that's the case, you can simply put the modem on bridge mode and let the router handle the connection. this way, the modem's IP will be out of the picture, the router will do the rest.

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Re: Westell 6100 modem & modem IP address

Hello David,


I truly appreciate that you took your valuable time to let us know that you are experiencing issue while trying to change the IP address on your Westell 6100 modem.


I need to explain that there is no way to make such changed on your Westell 6100 modem. There is currently no options to change this cycle.

 In order to get more information about the same,  it is recommended that you contact the AT&T eChat helpdesk.

If you are in 'AR, CA, CT, IL, IN, KS, MI, MO, NV, OH, OK, TX, & WI', please use the link mentioned below to contact AT&T eChat support:

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