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Way does my "new mail" screen not show any messages?


Way does my "new mail" screen not show any messages?

It shows folders on left and ads on right (when I select a folder) but nothing in the center panel evfen when I try to compose a message. It worked well at first, but stopped after I tried working with one of the applications below (calendar, I think). Now I can't work with anything & have to use Classic. I liked the new Ymail, the short time I got to use it. Thanks for the help!
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Re: Way does my "new mail" screen not show any messages?

hi joewalker! since you mentioned it's working over the classic version, it could be a webmail version issue. or, it could be the browser. i remember having the same trouble before. you can try to clear your browser's cache, cookies and/or temporary internet files or use a different browser like mozilla, netscape, safari and the likes. if none of it works, it could really be a version issue. the "all new mail's" got lots of issues. so yahoo should still be workin' on it. goodluck.
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