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Viruses verses Sales Contracts


Viruses verses Sales Contracts

I wonder how many sales contracts are sold due to viruses that and unleashed by the very people selling the contracts.  What a racket.  Lie to people to get them so sign up, charge them too much, somehow a virus gets through their software.  And now all of a sudden Oh no our support doesn't take care of things like that we want more money.

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Re: Viruses verses Sales Contracts

I'm the last person to defend any action taken by AT&T but let me try to explain this to you.


You go into an area that you are unfamiliar with and know absolutely nothing about and press a button that unleashes a hoard of beasts and they tear your new car up. Do you think that the manufacturer of your car should fix the problem that you yourself created by doing something you know little or nothing about?

AT&T did not infect your computer, you did that on your own. If you are not capable of cleaning it up and you are not capable of using a system restore disk then find someone who is have them do it and be a little more careful about where you go lurking next time.


Your post truly has to be one of the worst analogies ever posted of what a company offered you, what you did and why you think that they should be responsible for rectifying due the fact that they are under contract to provide you support for issues pertaining to your interent.









You fix that and you will be well on your way.

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Re: Viruses verses Sales Contracts

Dude, and I have to assume that you're a guy do to the way that your message was stated, just my assumption. I am a system builder and have had ONLY one virus infection that McAfee detected and Quarantined when a scan was performed.


With that said, I have gone to a number of my customers that have had a virus infection that did a lot of damage to their PC but have managed to save whatever they were worried about losing and also repaired their PC. While I was working on their PC, the customer and I talked a lot about how a virus could get into a computer's file system and cause that much havoc.


The customer humbly stated that he/she knew, based on how I explained how a PC can easily become infected by not using the proper 'Privacy' setting in the tools section of their web browser, how their PC became infected with a virus. From that point on I have yet to receive a call from a customer who had previously had their PC become infected with a virus.


EDUCATION is the key to keeping your PC safe from the outside world of the World Wide Web. IF your PC runs slooow, there is a reason, 'Privacy' settings. IF your PC has a virus infection that did not arrive via an e-mail attachment, 'Privacy' settings.


Learn more about Privacy settings from your web browser's Help center..

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