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Virus Protection

I recently purchased a computer and the virus protection software is about to expire.  What is the best virus protection software I should purchase?

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Re: Virus Protection

You do not have to purchase an antivirus program. You can download one from AT&T for free as long as your laptop meets the minimum system requirements to run the program.


I just recently downloaded the AT&T Internet Security Software powered by McAfee with the help of their tech support. I just can't remember the exact website they had me go to to download it. I am sorry.

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Re: Virus Protection

What are the system requirements to download mcafee from AT&T?

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Re: Virus Protection

I have actually tried to install McAfee from AT&T few months ago, and it seems to be working fine. According to their help site, you must have at least Win 2K SP4(Service Pack 4), browsers such as IE and Mozilla (try to use the upgraded version), pentium processor with 500 MHz or more, and most importantly, your computer's RAM should be at least 512MB. They would say that the minimum requirement for RAM is 256MB, but it could actually slows down your computer since McAfee is a large program. I hope this would help! : )
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Re: Virus Protection

Thank you for the information. I believe my computer met the requirements. I will install mcafee once my norton software expires. Thanks for the feedback as well.
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How do I remove third-party applications that are incompatible with McAfee software?

Some third-party applications are incompatible with 2008 McAfee software.  Check out the detailed instructions on removing incompatible third-party applications.

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Re: How do I remove third-party applications that are incompatible with McAfee software?

I would suggest downloading this tool to completely remove your norton anti-virus .  coz sometimes there are components that are not truly removed when you remove norton using the windows' "add or remove programs"

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Re: How do I remove third-party applications that are incompatible with McAfee software?

Links and tips were really helpful. Thanks. :smileyhappy:

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Re: How do I remove third-party applications that are incompatible with McAfee software?

Comment: McAfee Antivirus is OK, especially since it is free. However, I bought Symantec's Norton 360 at Sam's Club (a Walmart Affiliate) 3 years ago for about $80.00 USD and got about 50% back on a rebate. This gives me a license for my 3 Toshiba laptops, one running Windows XP, a second running Vista 32-bit and this one running Vista 64-bit. I also enable Windows Vista Defender on the 2 Vista laptops. On all 3 laptops, I use Spybot S&D (updated weekly) as an anti-spyware backup to Norton's capabilities. I use 2 Firewalls on each machine, Windows' and Norton's. (I have enough sense to disable one or the other of ANY of these functions if they interfere with each other or prevent any particular application from running smoothly.) With Internet Explorer Ver. 8 (IE 8), I web-surf using both the In-Private and In-Page Filtering. I keep the Windows Updates current once a week. Norton 360 provides Pop-Up Blocking and Anti-Phishing capabilities, always enabled. IE 8 does not appear to be available for Win XP or Vista 32-bit. Symantec's Technical Support and Customer Service have been superior for the 2 or 3 times I've called on them, both by on-line chat and in response to a query on PCWorld's information forum. Norton has a feature called "Identity Safe" which stores multiple passwords and log-in names, making a one time password log-in an easy prospect. The only log-in password control which might be simpler is a USB port thumbdrive system. If I sound like a cheerleader for Symantec, well I guess I am. I have had the opposite problem of this thread, namely how to remove McAfee when it came bundled on a trial basis with a particular computer. Like Google, I have found McAfee to be especially tenacious about being removed from a computer. The In-Private and In-Page Filtering seem to block Google's data-mining (for ad targeting and web-history data storage), which I find objectionable for personal privacy reasons. As the US department of Defense and Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke recently found out, a determined group of hackers can usually defeat most anti-virus and other malware protection systems. Until the international community gets really serious about stamping out these little -------'s (expletive deleted). the only thing an ordinary person can do to protect his identity and his children on-line is to use every tool available. That's why I chose Norton and why I applaud your choice of McAfee if it suits you.
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