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Very very disappointed and unhappy with AT&T


Very very disappointed and unhappy with AT&T

Back in Aug. 2011 I had a problem with an address change that was changed with out my permission. I called AT&T and explain the problem. I ask them to change my address back, they said OK no problem, here it is Feb... 2012 and my address still has not be changed. Every time I call them they tell me they are fixing it. I don't understand what is so hard for them to change my address back, they didn't have a problem changing it in the beginning but now they can't fix it. This is very bad customer service, and I'm so frustrated with AT&T I going to cancel my service with them and go with someone else who cares.
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Re: Very very disappointed and unhappy with AT&T

When you call in, insist that they tranfer you to the retention department, they seem to be the only people that can get things straightened out consistantly.


Or you could contact Alex, send him your name, account number, and phone number where you can be reached, and he will have someone call you who can resolve your issue.



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