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Very disappointed with my wireless service.


Very disappointed with my wireless service.

To whom it may concern:


I contacted ATT last Saturday concerning the speed of my internet over the last month. We were hit by a tornado in late July and we have been experiencing slow internet speeds since that point. We are signed up for the elite plan, which says it will give us speeds in between 3 and 6 Mbps. Running several speed tests showed me that I was only getting around 2.3 Mb/s. 


 I spoke with a representative through the chat function. I explained to him the situation, and I also explained that we no longer use the home phone. He gave me instructions on how to go about removing the phone line from our bill and he did a line test. He told me that there was a problem that he saw with the line and he would dispatch a technician on Monday, August 16th between the hours of 8 AM and 12 PM. He also told me that the tech team would run some more tests and give me a call about an hour after I ended my chat time. Nobody from ATT has called my phone at all.


The technician didn't show up until almost 1 PM, and my mother was home on her lunch break at the time. He checked our modem and wireless router and said that he saw no problem. He asked to see the phone lines and my mother showed him, but she had to reschedule before any work was done. I have not gotten a phone call about the visit, nor received any notification about rescheduling.


Since then, the internet has only decreased in speed. I am now getting speeds anywhere inbetween 0.45 Mb/s and 2.3 Mb/s. I'm disappointed that ATT hasn't contacted me about the problem, and that ATT hasn't tried to reschedule an appointment. I'm also VERY disappointed that my internet has actually been performing WORSE since the technician showed up late to my house. 


I'm hoping for some kind of resolution to this problem. We've been with ATT from even before they took over SBC, and we've always had great service and no problems. I'm hoping for the same great customer service that we've had in the past.

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Re: Very disappointed with my wireless service.

Hello dan589,

If you already tried all the steps suggested by AT&T chat
adviser and still experiencing the same slow speed issue even after scheduling the engineer's visit, then I would request you to contact AT&T second level of support and provide them the trouble ticket number that was created by the AT&T chat support adviser. They will check the trouble ticket status and will help you accordingly.

To contact AT&T tier 2 support please call AT&T voice technical helpdesk at 1-877-722-3755 (open 24/7) and ask for second level support.

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in a single thread.  This will help other users find this information too!!

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