Very Angry Ex-Customer


Very Angry Ex-Customer

    I started my service in 2010 and was having no problems the first time I had to move my service early 2011.  In mid-2011 I had to move once again and this is when my problems started.  For the second time I called Customer Service to have my DSL transferred to a new residence, and I though everything was okay.  What really happened is, the Agent I had set me up for ANOTHER DSL account.  So in October, unbeknownst to me, I have two DSL lines, that I'm getting billed for.  Well, I had the new one set up for auto-pay, so every month for 3 months I was assured my bill was getting paid because money was taken from ATT out of my bank account.


   Well, having recently moved my mail was getting mixed up and I wasn't always receiving my paper bills.  Finally I caught one after about 3 months, just curious to make sure I'm not getting over charged, I look and see my bill is for $116!!!  I was very confused and called immediately to try to discover what was going on.  The first person I talked to was very nice, looked everything over and confidently told me that it was ATT's fault for not closing the old account down.  So at this point I am relieved and the Agent tells me he's going to send me to a department that will straighten it all out.  Turns out he just sent me to another agent that said the exact same thing.  After repeating the problem to the third agent I got frustrated and gave up.


   First thing I did was make sure the old account got cancelled.  Once I THOUGHT the old one was cancelled I was too frustrated with the horrible customer service to call again to confirm.  Then I got the $116 automatically taken out of my account.  After this I was beginning to get very upset and called to make sure BOTH my accounts were cancelled, which I was assured by an agent that that had happened.  But no, I start getting bills again, and they keep taking money automatically even though I have been told twice now that both these accounts were cancelled.  I was so angry and frustrated that I was just gonna give in and let them have the $116 that was robbed of me.  But now I have had $48 taken from my most recent account and just today realized they have taken $36 from my OLD account that was supposed to be cancelled almost 2 months ago.  I want to know what is going on, but nobody on the phone is competent enough to help me, and I just want to sit down with somebody that actually cares about their customers and help get my money back. 


   ATT you are thieves and I am now out $200 because you don't know how to serve and help your customers.  If there is anybody that is reading this that can actually do something to solve this problem I would appreciate it.  I feel I have to close my bank accounts so you won't steal any more of my money.  [Per Guidelines:  Keep it Relevant and Appropriate].

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Re: Very Angry Ex-Customer

Welcome JordanDams and thank you for posting. I'm sorry to hear about the poor experience. I received your Private Message and replied with the information needed since this is account specific. Please check your Private Message inbox (blue envelope, top-right) for an update.  We'll get you in touch with the group that can help.


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