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Useage caps


Useage caps

If att places the caps into effect, i wll cancel all of my ATT accounts. This includes cell accounts. I suggest everyone on here express the same. Caps will mean nothing if they have no customers!
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Re: Useage caps

I have already done it. My cell and land-line is by-by from AT&T. Next is the internet before May.Looks like At&T Is going to be the next Biggest looser.

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Re: Useage caps

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Re: Useage caps

I wonder if they think the usage caps will fix the intermittent service i and many others receive. funny how customer service seems oblivious to the fact that so many people have this problem and try to blame it on your house wiring. I have a single direct wire from my modem straight to the service box and my connection still breaks down many times per day. if my choice is caps or intermittent service ill take "c" as in c ya latter AT&T, the cable company will be here on Thursday.

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