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Use 2wire modem for wireless connection for Desktop PC?


Use 2wire modem for wireless connection for Desktop PC?

We now have AT@T phone service and today received our 2wire modem with wireless capability in the mail. I'm attempting to hook this up myself. The problem is we had/have Cable internet before and don't have a phone line/jack near our desktop. So, what I want to do is use the modems wireless capability without physically connecting it via the ethernet cable to my PC. This may not even be possible, and so far I have not been able to figure it out. I have so far plugged in the dual-port filter to the phone jack on the wall and connected the phone and the modem to it. I get a dial tone so I know my phone still works. I obviously do not see all of the necessary lights turning green so either I'm missing something or what I want to do won't work. If this doesn't work I will have to have a phone jack installed near my pc and connect it normally. Can anyone enlighten me.
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Re: Use 2wire modem for wireless connection for Desktop PC?

no phone jack available near the desktop computer, right? yes, you can just setup that desktop on wireless since an ethernet connection is not possible to the 2Wire. but you need to make sure that your desktop is wireless-ready (has a wireless adapter that can pick up the wireless signal from the 2Wire).


to check if the desktop is wireless-ready, go to START --> CONTROL PANEL --> SYSTEM (if you are on category view, go to PERFORMANCE AND MAINTENANCE then click SYSTEM) --> click on the HADWARE tab --> click DEVICE MANAGER button --> look for the NETWORK ADAPTERS item on the list (click the + sign next to it)  --> is there any wireless adapter listed under NETWORK ADAPTERS? if there is, then you can setup that desktop on wireless.


if none, you need to buy an 802.11g wireless USB adapter that will be hooked up thru USB on the desktop so it can pick up wireless signal from the 2Wire.

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Re: Use 2wire modem for wireless connection for Desktop PC?

BTW, when you hooked up the 2Wire modem on the phone jack, did the DSL light turn solid green? if the 2Wire is receiving a good DSL signal, the 2Wire DSL Light should be steady green.


if not, make sure that all your other telephony devices using the same # as the DSL line (fax machine, satellite dish, alarm systems etc.) are connected thru DSL filters. also, try bypassing the dual port filter on that phone jack. just have the 2Wire modem directly connected to the phone jack (without the filter) and see if the DSL light turns green. if it does, then you have a bad dual port filter.

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Re: Use 2wire modem for wireless connection for Desktop PC?

Thank you so much. I will look into that. Also, the DSL light is lit. I only have one phone device in my house though. My PC will be the only other thing using that.
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Re: Use 2wire modem for wireless connection for Desktop PC?

"the DSL light is lit" -- this is a good sign! it means your 2Wire is getting a good dsl signal from that phone jack. you just need to make both the computer and 2Wire communicate to each other, either wireless or via ethernet.

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Re: Use 2wire modem for wireless connection for Desktop PC?

Akee, you've been a great help. Thank you for your time and assistance. So I have a strong DSL connection and I've successfully installed a Linksys N|Ultra Range Plus Wireless-N Adaptor. My problem is now that I apparently am supposed to have some AT&T Yahoo setup disc that wasn't included in any of the product literature for either devices. So is there a way around this or a way to get this information on-line?
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Re: Use 2wire modem for wireless connection for Desktop PC?

you're welcome!


Linksys N | Ultra Range Plus Wireless-N Adaptor is a USB device that you plug in on one of your computer's USB ports, right? did it come with an installer CD? we may need to install the driver's software first.


about the AT&T Yahoo! CD, it's not really needed. everything can be done manually (registration to AT&T etc.) without that AT&T CD.


what we need is the driver installer CD that came with the adapter you bought.


once you plug in that adapter to your computer, the computer will detect a new hardware. that's the wireless adapter. for your computer to recognize that adapter, the driver software should be installed too.


if you have the adapter's CD, just plug in the adapter. then click on the NEW FOUND HARDWARE pop-up (bottom-right corner of screen), then insert the CD once the installer wizard asks for it.

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Re: Use 2wire modem for wireless connection for Desktop PC?

BTW, are you running WinXP on your desktop?


please check if the wireless adapter is properly installed. just go to START --> CONTROL PANEL --> SYSTEM (or PERFORMANCE AND MAINTENANCE then SYSTEM) --> click on the HARDWARE tab --> DEVICE MANAGER --> look for NETWORK ADAPTERS --> your LINKSYS WIRELESS ADAPTER should be listed right under that category. make sure that it has no X, ! or yellow warning icons next to it. that means it's properly installed.


tell me what happens so we can start connecting that desktop to the 2Wire wireless.


merry christmas! :smileyhappy:

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Re: Use 2wire modem for wireless connection for Desktop PC?

You too, I hope you had a great holiday! Ok so, Yes, I have Windows XP. I used the CD that came with the adapter to install the Linksys. I also looked under network adapters as you suggested and it looks fine. As far as I can tell I've installed everything correctly. But our signal is unreliable. It'll be strong one minute and weak or non-existent the next. My cellphone has the same problem with reception so I'm wondering if there is something creating interference. I would think the signal would be pretty consistent and strong given the 2wire is on the other side of the room... Could it be a security setting? Maybe it is reading someone else's signal?
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Re: Use 2wire modem for wireless connection for Desktop PC?

here's a checklist to prevent an inconsistent wireless signal:

- make sure that the 2Wire and computer(s)/device(s) using the 2Wire are at least 3-5 ft. away from each other

- phones (900 MHz or 2.4GHz), cellphones, microwave oven, subwoofers, lead materials are 3-5 ft. away from the 2Wire and computer

- 2Wire is not seated on a carpeted floor

- your neighbor's wireless could also cause interference esp. if both your equipment are on the same wireless channel. adjust your wireless settings and see which one works best at that location


to verify if you are connected to your own 2Wire, just pull up a browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, etc.) and go to website. this should pull up your own 2Wire's interface.


NOTE: look for the SERIAL # at the bottom of your 2Wire box (right above the bar code). by default, the last 3-digit is the name of your 2Wire wireless (i.e. 2WIRE123).

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Re: Use 2wire modem for wireless connection for Desktop PC?

if you are able to pull up the website, click on HOME NETWORK icon on top --> click on WIRELESS SETTINGS --> check for the following settings: (enter the 2Wire System password if asked)


NETWORK NAME --> by default, 2WIREXXX (XXX-last 3-digit of 2Wire serial #)


Wireless Channel --> change it to either channel 6, 11 or 1. you could play around with these channels, and observe which one works best at your location


Power Setting --> set it to 10.


click on the SAVE SETTINGS button below.



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