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Unable to save bookmarks


Unable to save bookmarks

I am unable to save bookmarks, all that I now get when trying to save is "There has been an error" try again.

This problem started after upgrading to the new internet explorer. Anybody else having this problem?

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Re: Unable to save bookmarks

Hey gramps3421,

Welcome to the Community!  Sorry to hear about the recent IE trouble.  Since the trouble is specific to saving bookmarks in IE, you can also check for information specific to the browser.  Our Community may have other suggestions for you.  Hope this helps.




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Re: Unable to save bookmarks

Thank you Alex

I discovered that all three of my machines will not save bookmarks. My wife's machine does not run ie9, my notebook does not run ie9 only my machine. My wife's machine is still using windows XP, notebook windows 7 and my machine win 7. I really don't know when this popped up. I spent over 2 hours chatting with a yahoo person who tried his best to solve this problem to no avail. We thought that this was only on my machine. I have not had any problems in the past saving bookmarks until recently and I am getting kind of frustrated. This has to be a simple answer since 3 of my machines have the same problem.


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