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Trying to connect to DirecTV OnDemand - can't get an internet connection


Trying to connect to DirecTV OnDemand - can't get an internet connection

I'm a Bellsouth DSL customer with a Westell modem provided to me when I signed up 6-7 years ago. It only has the one ethernet port on it, so in the past I've run a cord from my DirecTV HDDVR from the LR to the Office and plugged it into my modem in place of my computer connection. This worked fine. I rearranged the furniture and now my long cord doesn't reach. So the other day when I wanted to connect, I just pulled the modem from the computer room and connected it exactly the same way just physically in the other room with the DVR in place of the computer. Three of the four indicator lights come on and are green -- power, ethernet and DSL -- only the Internet light does not come on. Called DirecTVs Customer Service and went through a number of steps with them, including resetting the receiver, and the modem, and still no connection gets found. When we checked the setup settings, all fields (IP address, Gateway, DNS and subnet mask) were populated. That rep couldn't help me anymore, and escalated the issue for further support. I thought it might be prudent to check on this end if there are any suggestions as to how to get the connection back? I noticed when I plugged the modem back into my computer I had to reenter an ID and password before it made a connection. Could this be the issue? and how would I accomplish that with the DVR instead of computer internet browser?
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Re: Trying to connect to DirecTV OnDemand - can't get an internet connection

what's the model # of your westell modem? it's possible that your username/password info got deleted from the modem's configuration when you unplugged it from the setup (reset). you may need to reconfigure it to save your ID and pword.
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Re: Trying to connect to DirecTV OnDemand - can't get an internet connection

Don't know the model # off the top of my head. Will have to check that when I get home. But it is pretty old. Got it like 7-8 years ago when I first signed up for Bellsouth Fast Access. I don't know how to (or if its even possible) to change any settings in the modem itself. In the meantime, I have acquired another length of ethernet cable and a connector, so I can make the cable reach from the office to the living room without unplugging/moving the modem. Unfortunately, this still did not work. When I plugged the cable into the DVR I could hear interference and my TV screen went blank; once I plugged the other end into my modem, the screen went green and DVR would not respond to anything but unplugging and restarting it. Modem continued to work fine when I plugged computer back into it. Did not have to restart it.
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Re: Trying to connect to DirecTV OnDemand - can't get an internet connection

It appears that was the issue. When I unplugged the modem to move it to the other room, and connected it to just the DVR, the DVR did not know how to login to my internet service. When i moved it back to the computer room it at first wouldn't connect either until I did 'launchmodem' and entered my username/password. Did you say there might be a way to save that in the modem itself so I could move it? I believe it is a B90 Westell modem. I got another ethernet cable and ran it between the two rooms and it did work that time. Maybe there was something wrong with the old cable that caused that greenscreen error. In any case, it worked. Although because it takes so long for the OnDemand menu to populate, it is very frustrating to have to unplug my computer and run the cable from room to room. There has to be an easier way, right? Also, I now got a Wii that I want to connect as well. So how best do I go about that? I'm not really crazy about trying a wireless network. I've had issues with simple wireless things like a keyboard/mouse not operating properly; and have issues with my cordless and cell phone in my house (a couple really bad spots) so I don't really want to risk my internet connection on wireless. Hubby gets frustrated and upset when internet doesn't work right as it is. Can I have my house [pre]-wired for internet, like they advertise on new home construction? and how would I get that done?
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Re: Trying to connect to DirecTV OnDemand - can't get an internet connection

Hi Lisakmusco,


You need to change your modem if you wish to connect the equipments all at the same time. An AT&T 2Wire modem has multiple ethernet ports as well as wireless capability which you may or may not use. Another option would be the powerline adapter. Powerline adapters are used to create a Powerline network. Powerline networking uses the existing electrical wires of a home or building as the means to transmit data between your DSL gateway or router to other computers. Instead of having to wire your home or business with networking cable, you can plug Powerline adapters into your electrical outlets and instantly create a way to share your DSL connection among multiple computers. You may call the AT&T Sales department to get more information about this device at 888.757.6500


I am not really sure if the modem that you have right now has the capability to be configured. You may call the AT&T technical support team at 888.321.2375 for assistance in updating the username and password in your modem.



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