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Trying to Get New Internet Service


Trying to Get New Internet Service

I recently moved into a new house in an area where AT&T is the ONLY telephone and internet/DSL (outside of satelite internet) service available. A month ago, I called AT&T trying to set up DSL service at my house. I have an AT&T phone line to the house, and the previous person in the house had AT&T DSL service set up. Upon requesting this, I was told that no service was available in my area. The operator asked for an address of someone I knew who had AT&T DSL, so I provided my landlord's address, whom I know for a fact has it, and I was told that there was no record of that account. After calling back 10 times to talk to someone with some sense, I was told that my area was capped off and no more internet could be provided in my area. This is by far the craziest thing I've ever heard of. A request was finally put into engineering for me to see if more slots could be added to the area, three weeks later I've still heard nothing (I was told it would take 5 days max). The customer service has been horrible. The concept that I'm trying to pay AT&T for internet and they have both told me they can't fit me in and ignored me is outside my mind for a company such as themselves. I need internet and AT&T basically doesn't want to provide it for me, even though they are my only option.


Has anyone else run into a problem such as this one? If so, any advice on how to handle it?

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Re: Trying to Get New Internet Service

I have the opposite problem actually, and its very aggravating, I cannot get any type of highspeed where I am, even though like a couple hundred yards up the street, like close enough for my small child to walk up there and I can see her almost all the way, they have DSL and wireless, and they will not bring it down to me, There are several people down my way that would love to have it so its not that there isn't enough people.   They actually made me an appointment one time to come set me up, supposedly verified my address and phone number, made me wait for hours and finally called back and said "oh your house is around a corner, and we can't bring the DSL line around the corner" REALLY? Thats absolutely the most ridiculous thing I have heard, I can get phone service, but nothing else? I'm thinking about cancelling myself, there are other cell phone companies out there, and cancelling my home phone will save me money.  

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Re: Trying to Get New Internet Service

YES, I am having the exact same problem! I have a property that I've been renting out for over 3 years, and tenants have always had AT&T DSL. They moved out and I plan to use the property now, and now AT&T says I can't get DSL at this address. Hello, we've had DSL at that address for 3 years! Now they have the ports capped. The thing is, they're not letting anyone get DSL anymore because they want to migrate everyone to U-verse. That's fine, but I can't get U-verse either!

I was told that if I started an account, I could submit an escalation to uncap the ports. So I got a basic phone line and put in the request. I have done this SEVERAL times, and they NEVER get back to me. Every time I call back they say that they see the request has been made, but there has been no response. Then they say that they'll resubmit the request and we start all over again. This has happened a half-dozen times now! Today I told them to forget it and canceled the account. I have WASTED hundreds of dollars on an AT&T phone line, which I never used, because I was told this is what I had to do to get DSL. Obviously, they have no interest in keeping a paying customer, so I'm gone. If anyone knows a way to email a company executive, let me know. Speaking to customer-no-service is a waste of time.

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Re: Trying to Get New Internet Service

It seems as if a whole lot of people have been running into this problem, which is disturbing for a company such as AT&T who obviously thinks so highly of themselves. Either way, I went ahead and filed a complaint with the BBB. I don't know if it will help me get DSL, but I don't see it hurting my chances.

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Re: Trying to Get New Internet Service

I live in Joshua and I was just on the phone with AT&T Customer service. I asked them to set up an appointment to have a service person come out to look at what opptions I have in my area, I told them I would pay for it due to not having a phone service with them yet. They would not even consider sending someone out . They told me that DSL is being discontinued and that U-Verse was not avalible in my area. They also told me that the DSL that is in my area is (CAPPED). My company payes for my internet and the only service that I have is WIFI whick does not work in bad weather when I need it the most.

I need a Service person to talk to. If anyone is the Joshua area knows someone who works for AT&T service mave them replay to this POST (((PLEASE))).


Thank You.


Based On the other post I have read I thought you may like this information.


Randall L. Stephenson is an American business executive. Stephenson is the current chairman and chief executive officer of AT&T Inc. He succeeded Edward E. Whitacre, Jr. in 2007. He was senior executive vice president and chief financial officer of Southwestern Bell Telephone Company, which he joined in 1982. He was elected as a director of AT&T Inc. in June 2005. He also serves as a director of AT&T Mobility and Emerson Electric Co.


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Re: Trying to Get New Internet Service

The company polocy is this: ALL new att accounts are U-verse. DSL is dying, and they are phasing it out. Only so many ports available in areas it exists, but if full, as is your case,  they can't connect you.

If they are not expanding u-verse in your area, then you obviously can't get that.

Most likly, no one is going to respond to your requests for contact, as they really have nothing to tell you beyond what you were alredy told: they can't help you.

It is costly, but you can go with ATT mobility, if you are insisting on being an ATT customer.

Otherwise, you will have to go with another internet service provider.

You can do a search on services available in your area.

Short of that, you are just out of luck.

Sorry. I wish you luck.

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