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This service has drained me to complete exhaustion from billing errors.


This service has drained me to complete exhaustion from billing errors.

In Sept. 2011, I was planning to relocate to a new state.  So, I called AT&T to setup my wireless internet.  My move in date was Nov. 2011, so naturally I wanted my service to start at that time.  I called AT&T, setup my account, and was told my service would start on Sept. 20th.  I did not want this...why pay for an extra week?  I exclaimed, "What do you mean?  I don't want service  until Nov. 2011.  You never asked me when I want service to start." The agent responded that she did not have the capabilites to change this, and that I would need to call in the next business day during office hours.  I called and had this account cancelled (so they said) and reopened another one to start in Nov. 2011.  I received a bill for the first account anyway.  I called to dispute it.  AT&T verified Ithe charges would be cancelled.  A few weeks later, I received a bill from a collection agency.  Long story short, I spent 2-3 hours of my life and stressed out tremendously because the (first) account was never cancelled.  FINALLY, after 3-4 months, it was closed, and I thought it was behind me.  Today, April 2012, I receive a bill for this account again...from a collection agency.  I refuse to pay $38.00 for an account I did not use, spent hours of my time calling about, etc.  At the same time, my credit score is being threatened by a collection agency.  This is not fair.  I should not be put in this positon for a mistake that I did not create.  I am cancelling my service on my (second) account asap.  I don't need to stress over my INTERNET.   AT&T needs to realize that not only are they going to lose me as a customer, but the dozens of people I have told my story to.  Poor customer service has a ripple effect and is what eventually leads to business failure/closure.  Word to the wise.       

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Re: This service has drained me to complete exhaustion from billing errors.

My credit is on the line as well, all over TWO representatives giving me the same incorrect information.  They should own up to their mistakes.

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