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This MUST be fixed.


This MUST be fixed.


Collected for 12 days 20:14:25

 Since ResetCurrent 24-Hour IntervalCurrent 15-Minute IntervalTime Since Last Event
ATM Cell Header Errors:411603:41:31
ATM Loss of Cell Delineation:35303:59:22
DSL Link Retrains:501410:12:28
DSL Training Errors:53016:29:40
DSL Training Timeouts:0000:00:00
DSL Loss of Framing Failures:0000:00:00
DSL Loss of Signal Failures:0000:00:00
DSL Loss of Power Failures:0000:00:00
DSL Loss of Margin Failures:0000:00:00
DSL Cumulative Errored Seconds:2921203:02:52
DSL Severely Errored Seconds:0000:00:00
DSL Corrected Blocks:0000:00:00
DSL Uncorrected Blocks:4871203:02:52
ISP Connection Establishment:4441217:48:45


There's a little preview of what I have been going through ever since I bought my new router.  I used to have a different 2Wire router, I forget the model, but I would NEVER have my connection drop.  Now, with my 2Wire 2701 HG-B, Whenever I try to download something, I get horribly low speeds, and my connection drops VERY frequently.  Sometimes even when I am just surfing the internet or playing my Xbox 360 or ps3, the connection will drop.  When I am on the computer my browser says something like, THE BROADBAND LINK IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE.  I checked the gateway portal thing, "" and I can't see anything wrong.  It says everything is "up".  But I am still experiencing all these problems.


Any advice?



EDIT: I really don't even know what to say.  Once I can form a good intelligent speech of sorts, I am going to ram it right down AT&T customer service's throat.  I would call right now but there is a time for brute force and a time for finesse.  

I also just figured something out with a bit of googling.  I was talking to my neighbors who are paying for the same 3MB Down and .5MB Up.  They are paying less than me and I have used there internet when I was over with my ipad and it is superbly faster. 


I see in my router settings that it says I can get 3MB Out and .5MB in per second.


This is utter madness.  My router resets itself everytime I try downloading ANYTHING over 100 MB.  And my download seems to be capped at around 150 KB/ps THATS RIGHT. KB not MB.  I even tried doing a speedtest on a website that is fairly accurate.  Using my neighbors wifi from my computer I can get 2.8MB Steady download and .3-.5 MB up per second.  But when I connect to my router I get 140 KBps down and 46KB up.  This is so sickening.  



Just tried E-Mailing Customer Support and while I wasn't even downloading anything, and nothing but my computer was accessing the internet, I got the "BROADBAND LINK IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE" page, after trying to send the e-mail.  There goes 20 minutes of my time.  I wish comcast was an option here.

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Re: This MUST be fixed.

Any ATT Staff????

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Re: This MUST be fixed.

Sounds like you are losing sync... did you try checking at the nid/sni/gray test jack see if you are still losing sync there?

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