Third month calling in a row about internet pricing.


Third month calling in a row about internet pricing.

I signed up for DSL internet May 2011 for a 12 month promotional price of $14.95.  My bill received in June was for $30.  I called & the rep said he would change it and to wait to pay the bill.  The next contact I got was a late fee for the unpaid bill in July.  I called again and the rep said he would credit the internet charges.  Just received my current bill today.  The internet is still $30, plus other charges for a total of $215.  WAY more than the $14.95 we agreed to.  I want this issue resolved immediately or I will be canceling and will not be recommending at&t.

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Re: Third month calling in a row about internet pricing.

This happens to many people, they have been billing me for way above the agreed upon price, $14.95 as well, every month I get bills from 47.95 to 29.95 if I am lucky. The reps are crooks that lie and make fun of you. They say they fix things but the mess with the accounts. These people are evil and crazy and I want to get out ASAP. Beware there is soemthing hugely wrong with this company!


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Re: Third month calling in a row about internet pricing.

Same here... I sit on the phone (when I can get through) and listen to them telling me the same crap.. Ohhh, sorry, Joey, we'll fix this for you.. I signed up for $24 amonth. Each month the bill comes in for $60.. I tell them I'm not paying that. They say it'll be fixed but it STILL isn't ... Ohhh, we'll credit you the amount, just pay the last...

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