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Thank you


Thank you

To whom this may concern,


Being a long time customer of AT&T I have never encountered any trouble with my service until six months ago with my computer service. I have had multiple service men to my home and months of much aggravation and loss of use due to no internet service and the repair not being done correctly. Finally I met Bob. Bob came out to my home and much to my surprise was able to fix it. He did a great job, had a smile and was very friendly. I am very appreciative that my computer is functioning properly. It was during the Thanksgiving holiday and Bob was extremely busy in the Fresno area with the horrible weather and rain we had. He took time to call and ask questions and followed up to make sure it was corrected. He truly cared that the problem was fixed for sure this time. I was frustrated after six months and ready to leave AT&T but you are lucky to have a person like Bob who offered personal service to me and didn’t give up until he was 100% sure the problem was fixed and not just temporarily. You are very lucky to have Bob as a service man in the Fresno, California area. Unfortunately, I only have his cell phone number {Personal content removed for safety} and hopefully by this number you know exactly who to acknowledge.


Much Appreciated



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Re: Thank you

Thats really great, it is always nice to hear about the people who does not follow the organization's culture to a tee. I hope you and everyone runs into the people who cares more than the ones just making ends meet, thank you for your post.

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