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Terrible Customer Service for Slow Internet


Terrible Customer Service for Slow Internet

I have just spent an hour and a half on chat and on the phone again with ATT. 


Problems started in June.  Maybe before that.  Intermittent service and slow speed.  Started making calls to ATT then.  Weeks of unplugging, replugging.  On hold and going thru same things over and over for hours each week.  Told us to get a new modem.  Paid over $100 for new ATT modem.  Finally got a tech to come out.  Aug 23, a tech named Craig was in and out of the house from 8am till around noon.  We got him here by making numerous calls thru the automated system. He said we didn’t need the new modem.  Spent 4 hours in and out of house, down the street.  Said it’s definitely not problem in house.  He did all he could (there were little problems here and there, but he still got the low speed tests), so he called the tech for the street problems.  That guy apparently came out, left a message about being at the street around 4:30, then our internet didn’t work anymore.  So spent 2 hours the next morning trying to get it resolved. 


Retention dept agreed to give $100 credit and kept me on hold while communicating with each other’s dept and my phone was dying, so I told them to call me back when they had it figured out.  They called back to say a tech was coming.  A tech called me (man) and left a message with number to call back.  Number didn’t work.  Another tech called (woman) and said “So, what’s going on?”  I said, “Look at the records – all the info is there.  See what the last tech did.” And I hung up.  Was told I would get a call back when it was fixed.  Received no call. Internet speed still slow. 


Finally have a few hours to deal with this again and after 1 hour 45 minutes, I’m told a tech will be coming before 8 tonight.  Am I supposed to wait around 8 hours (already did 4 hours last week)? 


I was disconnected while holding 15 minutes for the retention dept (yes, the dept that tries to keep you as a customer).  I called back and talked to another tech that has to hear the whole story again.  She (Britney) couldn’t seem to see any notes from the tech that was at the house or street.  Said it was only an IP address in the notes. (She at least didn’t put me on hold for 15 minutes).  So no one knows what’s going on.  I have to rehash every time I call.  Can’t even get a straight answer about how to make a complaint.  The chat guys referred me to the forums on the website and told me someone in the “concerned department” would read it and send me an email and maybe even call me.  I’m sure att is charging me for these hour-long conversation! 


The worst customer service I’ve ever had!  Found several websites called AT&T Sucks.  While I spend another few hours waiting on hold to cancel my service, I will be posting to let everyone know the problems I’ve had.  Since the ATT chat guys told me to post my complaint here, that’s what I’m doing.  Anyone want to bet that IF I get a call, it will be asking me what has been happening?  If ATT calls me, it better be to tell me they know what’s been going on and that I will be receiving a credit for my modem also.  Even though they agreed to credit $100, let’s do the math:  $110 modem, unreliable service for 3 months (paid $75 for that), HOURS AND HOURS of my time (priceless), total loss of trust (priceless).  Does ATT want me as a customer or not?  We have had ATT for decades – home phone, internet and wireless.  Is this any way to treat a customer?


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Why Won't ATT Help Me?

ATT won't fix my problem with slow dsl.  They said someone would be out today by 8pm.  Still haven't heard from anyone and it's almost 7pm.  Of course, if I try calling, I will be on hold for at least 15 minutes before I can even speak to someone and then I'll have to explain everything to a new person, wasting another 2 hours. 


Is anyone out there?

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Re: Why Won't ATT Help Me?

My experience has been the same, but seems you at least get someone that understands english when you call.

I got better speeds using a 56K modem, ping all day over 500ms. Customer service is a joke, worse I've even seen in any profession...I'm going back to cable.

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Re: Terrible Customer Service for Slow Internet

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Re: Terrible Customer Service for Slow Internet


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