Tech Support online chat


Tech Support online chat

to whom it may concern if anybody out here wants to keep there files and pictures on there computer do not let tech supprt access your computer remotly cause they will delete your files with no concern for you and then AT&T will let them continue to work and do nothing for you I know because I had this happen to me so AT&T I demand you contact me and let me know if you really do freaking care

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Re: Tech Support online chat

Hello marksound,

I would like to explain that once the remote session is started on your computer screen, you always have the authority to disconnect the Remote Control session any time by clicking on the disconnect button. You can also watch everything the CSR is doing and can cancel the session anytime. Though something like this doesn't happen at AT&T, yet we have taken note of your grievance and would definitely take appropriate action.

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Re: Tech Support online chat

All files are recoverable, hard delete or not. Just throwing that out there.

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Re: Tech Support online chat

AGREED.   All files are recoverable, nevermind the tech chat assistance is highly overated.    Not worth the wait. You spend less time on the runway at O'hare for very little payoff.

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