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Super disappointed with my billing experience with ATT - 9 months later I'm still getting billed!


Super disappointed with my billing experience with ATT - 9 months later I'm still getting billed!

I first want to start off by saying that I am extremely disappointed with ATT. I signed up on line at for the $19.95 DSL service back in January of this year. My first statement indicated I was charged $29.95 instead of the $19.95. I called customer service and was told there was a mistake and my account would be credited to reflect the changes. I receive my next bill in March and I saw the credit but I still was being charged in the incorrect amount. Again I called and was told it would be taken care of. This time I was offered a promotion to get faster service for the same amount of $19.95 and I would be able to access the Internet anywhere with a USB. I was very hesitant because I didn't want any hidden fees that would result in a higher bill. The customer service rep assured me there was no additional charge and I will receive the additional equipment in the mail that required easy installation - sounds like the story should be over right? WRONG! I got the equipment that never worked because I have a Mac Book and I could never get it to work so I was going to send it back because I didn't have a problem with the speed I already had anyway. During this time my next bill came and I discovered I was being charged $5 a month for the USB equipment. Now I'm getting frustrated because not only I'm I being charged incorrectly for my service, I now have an additional fee for equipment I didn't want in the first place that doesn’t even work! I call again and was told I would get a credit. I asked what was the problem and I was assured there was a mistake made and all is resolved. The next month the same thing again.....same amount being incorrectly billed - this time I talk to a supervisor because I am not believing the Reps when they tell me they fixed the problem. I talked with a supervisor by the name of Clinton {Personal content removed for safety} and he explained that back in January when I signed up the promotion was not yet in effect. It didn't start until after I signed up and that's why I was being charged the $29.95. I told him I didn't want to pay that amount because I signed up with them impression my bill was going to be $19.95 and anything more than that I was not willing to pay. I advised him I wanted to cancel my service because I was having way to many issues with ATT and this billing situation. We discussed the early cancellation fee would be waived because this for several months I was more than unsatisfied and wanted to get service with another company. Let me just tell you now that part of the promotion I was going to receive was the Bundling deal I was offered. I have an ATT wireless account and I was supposed to get the two of them bundled so I only pay one bill. WHY did I think that would work? During this time I received a $900 bill - which was also so messed up in so many ways. I was told that was going to be fixed/credited, etc. I explained to Mr. this was more than I wanted to deal with and I didn't want to continue my DSL service any longer. He understood my frustration and told me he could cancel my service within 24 hours and I would not be charged for an early cancellation fee. After my call with him I thought the issue was done and I could put this all behind me. Little did I know it was really just beginning...all over again. I called and asked when/where could I return the equipment. I was emailed a return label for the modem and another one came in the mail for the USB adaptor and CD. I returned them both ASAP. In July or August (both months I believe), I received a bill for the early cancellation and another $5 charge for the USB. I was shocked!! I called another time and was advised it can take a billing cycle for my bill to reflect the equipment credit. Regarding the cancellation fee I was advised that is a standard charge because it was within the 12-month obligation contract. Again I explained the situation and the Rep advised me that because I signed up on line the fee would indeed be waived and it will show up on the next statement. Of course I didn't believe and not to my surprise not only was I being charged for the fee this time it was coming from a collection agency. ATT turned my "late" bill over to a collection agency. I call again today, September 29 and this time I got attitude and the run around again---just as I have time and time again in the past. I tried to explain my situation to the Rep but she kept telling me a bunch of nothing. I was as polite as I could be as she read notes that went back to April 9th and there was nothing in there that told the story of all the conversations I've had about getting my bill fixed. Her last words to me were that a supervisor would call me within 48 hours. I was told that once before and NEVER received a phone call. I don't know what to do! I am extremely frustrated and at the end of my rope with ATT. I can't believe I've been dealing with this same issue since January. I need help resolving this issue ASAP. I can't let another day go by with this problem dragging on and not getting fixed. I WILL NOT mess up my credit with this collections bill because ATT refuse to fix a problem they caused in the first place. I don't understand why it was so difficult to get the bill right in the first place. Will someone please contact me? my account number is {Personal content removed for your safety}. I have been a loyal ATT customer for many years and I am seriously considering closing that account too and switching over to Verizon. I really need someone from ATT to contact me so I can get this issue resolved. My number is listed on my account but I will gladly give it to you since I noticed ATT does respond to these post.

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Re: Super disappointed with my billing experience with ATT - 9 months later I'm still getting billed

Sounds like the same thing I am going through. I was told a price of $39.95/month for U-verse Internet and still they are charging me $55.00/month. I called today but they are not there on the weekends so I have to call again and waste more of my time to see why what I thought was supposedly corrected last month is in fact not corrected. Good luck!!!!

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