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Stopping home page advertising


Stopping home page advertising

My home page is my. yahoo and I desire to stop the advertising on this page. I have a continuous stream of advertising, pop-ups, etc etc. I do not want these distractions! How can I stop these unsolicited advertisements from appearing? Thank you James Also, and as a new att dsl customer, how can I change my email address? The address contains my name! I do not want my name in the email address!!
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Re: Stopping home page advertising

hi James!

unfortunately, there is no feature in the AT&T Homepage that would allow us to disable the ads. but some of the users in this forum have suggestions like using another browser, installing adblock etc. features to disable the ads.

if your purpose is to just read your AT&T emails, you can just change your homepage to instead, so that it automatically directs you to the login page.

also, you cannot change the primary email ID. but if you are not really happy with the email ID that you registered, you can just setup a new email ID a.k.a. sub-account. you are entitled to have 10 more email IDs aside from the primary email ID that you initially setup.

once a new sub-account is created, you can just keep it for future reference and NOT USE it at all. just start using the sub-account that you will setup.
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Re: Stopping home page advertising

to setup a sub-account:

1. go to website.
2. login as the master ID.
4. click on the CREATE SUB-ACCOUNT button from that page.
5. complete the registration of the new email ID (sub-account).

NOTE: only the master/primary ID can create a sub-account.
the sub-account works exactly the same way as the primary email ID.

hope this helps! :smileyhappy:
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