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Standing behind and honoring pricing discussed with ATT billing


Standing behind and honoring pricing discussed with ATT billing

I am very agitated with the way billing is discussed by customer service with the customer. This has a long story but I will try my best in summing it up. I have been a long time customer with what was called Southern Bell. Over the years, I have had as many as 6 phone lines coming into my home and later added the internet (DSL Lite). A couple of years ago, I became disabled and had to make a decision of keeping the land lines or keeping the cell phones so I went with the cell phones, removed the land line service but kept the internet. Over the last couple of years my bill was $19.95 on consistent basis and was happy with the service and billing at the time. Being disabled, my living income was reduced to approx. $600 a month , so I am always looking for anything that may help me reduce my bills which I am sure everyone is doing these days. At about a little over a year ago, there were ads on the television and on the website that one could get the DSL service that I had for $14.95 a month without a land line phone. I called up and after a long conversation, I was told that I could get this for the next 12 months at this new rate and agreed to take it with the understanding that when this was over, I would return back to the $19.95 rate. It was one of the biggest mistakes I ever made in my life because I have had nothing but headaches over this deal.


During the course of the year, I had many billing problems and probably spent at least 20 or more hours on the phone trying to "maintain" the rate given to me. I finally got someone to fix the billing problems and for the last 3 to 4 months of this rate I had no problems. This ended in September of this year and when I received my October bill, it was for $29.95 not the $19.95 that I was told it would return to a year ago. I was also informed that during the year there were 2 rate increases and that what it was going to be now. I understand that things do not stay the same forever but I just wanted the rate that was promised me a year earlier, at least for a little while, as this was kind of a shocker for the rate to double.


When I called to discuss the October bill, I was on the phone for over 2 hours with a female person who agreed to give me the $19.95 rate for 12 months if I paid the October bill at the rate I was billed ($29.95) of which I did. When I received the November bill, it came with the $29.95 rate. I then called on December 7 to find out what is going on and I was told that I could not get this rate because I had 2 promotions back-to-back. First of all, technically I did not get 2 promotions back-to-back because I paid the full amount for the October bill (as told to do) and second, none of this was discussed with the female worker in October and basically what was discussed and agreed upon. After about another 1 hour and a half, the final verdict from this individual (male) was that she was "incorrect" and "sorry for the inconvenience". I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told that someone would call me back so I left my phone number for the call. I also stated that I was very leery of this so call "return phone call" as I have been told this in the past and I have yet to receive a return call back (in over 40 years of doing business with the phone company) but I humored the idea anyway. As expected, I waited for 3 business days to go by before calling back as ATT is batting 1000% on the return call factor. I again was told that the only price that I was eligible for was the $29.95 price and for the same reasons. I was told by the person (male) that was all that anyone could do for me and that I would have to get someone from "corporate" if there was any way to fix this. All I wanted was that ATT honor the rate I was promised in October as I spoke to an ATT employee (representation of the company) and made an agreement which I feel should be upheld as that was agreed upon and if there was some mistake or misinformation, then that should be taken up with the employee that made this agreement and not placing the mistakes on the head of the customer. I did what was asked and now it is basically "so bad, so sad". I even questioned the idea that contacting a Board of Director member to resolve this matter seemed extreme but this is what I was told and I feel that an agreement is an agreement. Currently, I have paid $19.95 on this account as agreed upon but unless someone is willing to uphold what was discussed, I can see where this is going fast.


If this manages to get to someone who feels the need to contact me about this situation, I would greatly appreciate it or even forward this to proper personnel who can understand the situation at hand. I thank whomever in advance for their time in regards to the statements made here. I await a response

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Re: Standing behind and honoring pricing discussed with ATT billing

I know how you feel I am going through the same thing with Att now but with the uverse service . Was told over and over by a represenative (since I asked to make sure that it would be at that particular price) that it would be at that rate and received bill today and it is way far from it ,over 80.00 more. She stated she will have the account reviewed. Thinking about canceling everything if it doesn't get corrected.
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