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Sporadic Random Non-Delivery of Inbound Email


Sporadic Random Non-Delivery of Inbound Email

In the past 3-4 weeks, three different people have told me about email messages which I did not receive.  I am receiving many other inbound messages, including other messages from the same individuals.  I do not believe all three individuals are delusional, so I believe there is a problem somewhere.
My configuration is AT&T DSL (since 1999), Windows XP and Outlook 2003 (for many years), and a email address.  This configuration has been working fine for many years.  Last week, I updated the Outlook email settings to the current server aliases and port numbers.  However, the problem occurred again after I made these changes.
Has anyone else experienced a similar problem and found a resolution?  I would appreciate any suggestions.
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Re: Sporadic Random Non-Delivery of Inbound Email

In the original post I neglected to mention that the senders do not receive an NDR.

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Re: Sporadic Random Non-Delivery of Inbound Email

I resolved the problem.  After hours of Googling around, I found a posting that gave me the clue to a solution.  Unbeknownst to me, ATT/Yahoo implemented a spam filter on my email account that was blocking some of the incoming messages. 

By changing my ATT/Yahoo account settings, I was able to stop the blocking and recover the past 30 days' blocked messages.  If any were lost prior to that, they are gone forever.
If any ATT employees read this post, please spread the word that you need to tell the customers what you are doing.  Since I use POP3 and Outlook, I never go to the browser-based email service.
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