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Setting up 2 modems on 1 DSL line if this is possible


Setting up 2 modems on 1 DSL line if this is possible

Hi folks - New to this forum and need some technical help. I have DSL and wireless router at home that I set up and this works fine. My problem is regarding technical issues on setting up a DSL network for a friend with an odd situation that I cannot find in the forums.


Is there a way to run 2 modems on the same DSL without running into a conflict?  My friends have had DSL service for about a year now in their home. They live out in the country and have large piece of property. The original modem is located in their home and hooked to an older desktop there running XP. They recently purchased a new desktop using WIN 7 for their  cabinet business workshop which is a couple of hundred yards from the house. Both places share the same phone line. Due to issues with wireless in the area, we ordered a second modem from AT&T to hook up down at the shop.


Several times we have gotten online with both modems, but seem to run into an issue that if we get one running right, the other one won't log on and sometimes neither of them want to log on and work. My question is, is using 2 DSL modems on the same line even feasible and if so, does anyone have any idea why they seem to be conflicting with each other and creating log in issues.


Yesterday I got the new modem up and running fine and had already done the setup of registration, etc. But later when we shut that down, the other modem would not log in again and the new one is now acting like we never went thru the initial setup and it is again going thru the initial setup routine again. ( When I say we shut it down, only the PC was powered down and them modem was left running...  I would like to note that when my friend ordered the new modem from AT&T I had her ask if having a second modem on the line would be an issue and they told her no and claimed it would work???  Any ideas or suggestions appreciated. Thanks..



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Re: Setting up 2 modems on 1 DSL line if this is possible


Hello goshtac,

I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you due to the confusion of multiple modems. Ideally, you can connect only one modem to a DSL line as every DSL line connects after authenticating a username and password. Since you are logged on with one modem, you would not be able to establish a connection on the alternate line for the same DSL number.

I would also apologize for the information that was passed on to you/your friend at the time of ordering for the services. The Sales representative was actually referring to the fact that you can connect multiple PCs to your modem at the same time.

The resolution to this problem is that you can try hooking up a wireless router next to your modem or purchase a 2wire gateway. It will allow your friend to hook the window 7 computer wirelessly (the coverage area for the wireless connectivity would not be hundreds of yards though but you can use wireless boosters/repeaters to transmit the signals over a distance.)

You can also try to install a extension socket for the same DSL line in the other premises and then hook a router to that line and then connect your PC. For that wiring purpose, you would have to contact Telco at 800-288-2020 during normal business hours.


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Re: Setting up 2 modems on 1 DSL line if this is possible

I just spoke with a technical representative this morning.  I specifically stated that I have a 2wire router working, but I need to connect another computer in a distant room through a wired connection.  He advised me to get another router.  Are you saying that this won't work?  This means that I'd have to run hundreds of feet of cable from my current router.  That is not acceptable.

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Re: Setting up 2 modems on 1 DSL line if this is possible

You can only have one modem connected to the internet at a time. You might be able to set the modem to connect on demand and disconnect after a minute or two of idle time like the old dial-up connections.


IMO you would have to turn on modem 1, configure it, have it connect to the internet, and then let it time out and disconnect. Then go to modem 2 and do the same. The only problem is you would not be able to use internet in the house and the shop simultaniously. When configuring the modems set them to do "PPP on the computer" that way the should only connect when the computer needs an internet connnection.


Now, the big question is, does the system puke because you attempt two simultanious logins to the internet, or because there are two physical modems powered on and connected to the DSL phone line?


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Re: Setting up 2 modems on 1 DSL line if this is possible

Have you looked into "Power line network adaptor"?

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