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Sending email over and over/ Outlook Express


Sending email over and over/ Outlook Express

Has anyone else had a problem with Outlook Express holding onto emails and sending them over and over? It's happened to me twice, unfortunately I didn't notice they were still sitting in my outbox and friends were calling and telling me I had a virus. I have MacAfee that runs nightly and has not detected a virus. Any advice or suggestions?
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Re: Sending email over and over/ Outlook Express

hello dawg1884!


i use windows mail but this same issue happened to me once before. just make sure you have the right server settings(first thing i checked). btw, when you say it's sending over and over, do you mean it just stays under outbox and never leaves there? or do mails get sent multiple times and your friends get multiple copies too? i wouldn't say it's a virus issue, though security software often block outgoing messages. and normally, it'll take time to send if the mail is quite big or has attachments on it. it's also possible that the connection is slow.


goodluck... :smileyhappy:

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Re: Sending email over and over/ Outlook Express

Yes, the emails are sent mulitple times and they are received by all the addressees (?) mulitple times. I've checked all my settings, but like I said, it's happened twice - the first time was two months ago, and the second was yesterday morning. I was just hoping to find out if it's happened to anyone else and how they solved it.
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