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Self Support tool

I got an e-mail from AT&T last week inviting me to download a new DSL Service & Support tool. I downloaded it, but when I tried to install I was told that I was not running a supported operating system. I am running a standard install of Windows 7 Home Premium, but earlier in the week I'd installed Service Pack 1, and I suspect that's the problem -- the AT&T tool may not recognize the version number of Windows 7 SP1. If that is indeed the problem, it's awkward timing on AT&T's part, since I'm sure I'm not the only customer who upgraded to SP1.


I went on the web site and sent a message, and got a completely-useless return e-mail today saying that in order to provide better service, AT&T no longer provides tech support for DSL by e-mail, only by phone or live chat. Gee, thanks, guys. Real helpful.


Has anyone else run into this?


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Re: Self Support tool

     Same here.  Same circumstances, except have 64 bit Win7.  Sometimes when trying to load it returns "unsupported OS" with no option except cancel.  Other times it starts to load and gets past unsupported only to return "This program cannot display the web page".


     Is this program really worth this much trouble???

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Re: Self Support tool

doesnt appear to be any good for Mac OS X

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Re: Self Support tool

Doesn't seem to work for Win 7 Yet.Atleast not 64 bit.Not sure why AT&T is being so Slow and closed Mouth about this.

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