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Saving emails to document folder


Saving emails to document folder

Can someone tell me how to save an email to a document folder? I do not use Outlook.
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Re: Saving emails to document folder

You can archive emails. Just specify the start and end dates to which you need to save those emails to your document folder.
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Re: Saving emails to document folder

Is this a document folder within Yahoo or the document folder on my hard drive? Btw, I'm not the original poster...just someone who wondered if the emails could be saved to my computer instead of on a web-based product.
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Re: Saving emails to document folder

hi idmom505!


yes, you may save your emails on your computer/hard drive. by setting up a client email program like Outlook, Outlook Express etc., you can download your emails from the web to your computer. you could setup the client program to leave copies of your emails on the server to keep back up copies of them on the web.

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