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SMS when Internet Usage reaches % SUGGESTION


SMS when Internet Usage reaches % SUGGESTION

I was wondering if this is already a feature somewhere I cannot find OR perhaps it SHOULD be a feature now that we are paying for overage on DSL over 150GB.  I typically use 160 in my household, and I always wind up paying extra now.


It would be nice if we could set an SMS to be sent to our cell phone (any carrier) and set the % - ie, 50%, 75% of useage reached, then send us an alert SMS.


I would be fine if I could get U-Verse (the cap is 250), but they say "not in my area", so I am stuck with DSL and it's 150GB cap, paying overages, and would like an alert instead of having to go online, find the usuage page to check it.





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Re: SMS when Internet Usage reaches % SUGGESTION

Welcome imagraphicx and thank you for the suggestion. We'll share it with the appropriate group.  In the meantime, the following tips might help with managing your usage..


Tips for managing your monthly Broadband Internet data usage






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