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I ordered DSL last week. I was assured it would be operational the following Monday, and once the router/modem arrived all I had to do was plug it in and follow the on screen prompts.  It would be easy, I was told.


Monday morning, right on time, an AT&T tech showed up, told my wife he was here to install the service, and left without further contact.


That afternoon, the router/modem arrived via UPS.  You would think the installation tech would have delivered it so he could see it worked, but no.  AT&T sends it second day (expensive) UPS after the tech is gone.  So much for efficiency.  Following the printed instructions,  I plugged it in excitedly. Nothing. Nada. Zip. 


The instructions assured me I would get an email when the service was operational.  I never got the email.


So, I called AT&T Tech Support. "We have until 8PM to get it working". Wait a minute, I was told it would be working when the modem arrived, and the tech was here 7 hours ago. "Wait until after 8 and call us back if it isn't working”.

Four hours later at 9, I called AT&T Tech Support. "We have all day Monday to get it working, and Monday isn't over until midnight!  If it isn’t working then, call us back”.


Three AM Tuesday, red light still blinking, I called again. I was concerned I might have incorrectly connected the Cat 5 that Tech Support had insisted I use. After all, there are no less than 7 IEEE standards. I had gotten the preferred AT&T standard from their web site, but, at this point I trust no one.


The Tech Support guy had no idea what I was talking about. He finally said he would have someone call me promptly at 10 in the morning. Ten came and went. No call. Another call to Tech Support. DSL Tech Support Specialist didn't understand the question, "what color wire goes on what terminal'? Hold for a Supervisor. "We will send someone to your home to tell you for $99", the supervisor says!!!


HOLD ON, that is extortion. It is also a violation of FCC rules. I know, I've been installing networks for AT&T for 20+ years including fiber in the first city in the nation to have it, Disney's Celebration Florida. In fact, I wrote the specs with the regional VP from AT&T. Just tell me if you are using the color code for ISDN, data, USOC, LAN, 568A or 568B I requested. "We don't give out that information. Besides, your NID is working just fine, so it is in the inside wiring, and you must pay us to fix that". HOLD ON, how do you KNOW it is my inside wiring? You have never seen it. "Uh, I guess you need a service call, but if our tech finds out it is not our wiring you must pay". Fine, send him back out. "We can't get anyone there before Wednesday" Right.


Just to prove the point (and cover my behind), I took the router/modem outside and plugged it into the NID. Nothing.


Wednesday, the same guy showed up in the same $100,000 bucket truck that gets 3MPG and you and I are paying for him to cruse around town in. His instructions are to run the inside wiring I already have and charge me $99.  Seeing the wiring is there, In no time I had 5 green lights.  I guess I'll be getting a bill for $99 anyway.  You just can't win with AT&T.


But, I have the necessary green lights after only 3 days and a dozen calls and chats. 


Oh, happy day...NOT. Turn on the laptop and wait for the screen to pop up to create my account just like the pretty instruction sheet says. Nothing.


Call AT&T Tech Support yet again. Nice Lady has no idea what is wrong. I have her on speaker phone, and my wife is crying she is laughing at me so hard. It is obvious this lady spends her entire day doing the same thing, setting up accounts, because the advertising and instructions are total garbage. This has been going on for THREE DAYS, and we have nothing.


Two hours and a dozen tries later, I have Internet! None of the printed instructions were correct.  Now, I am required to set up my account before I can get anything besides AT&T ads. Another half hour answering what my first pet's name was, etc. Then, the program wouldn't take the password I chose; not secure enough, it said. I enter the exact same jumbled letters and numbers backward. Oh, that's a good one, the screen says!


It is now 5PM, the third day after I "had service". I try to watch a little video. The AT&T ads clearly state I can do that with FastAccess DSL Extreme6. Nope, stops and starts just like my former 3meg service. The installation dude said I had 8Megs down and 1 up. "It's always better than they say it will be", he boasts.


So I log onto the speed test site every cable company in the country uses. I run all 12 servers from 100 miles away to 3,000 miles away and none of them come close to 6 Meg!


I've got to be crazy. If I wasn't, I am now thanks to AT&T.


Let's see what AT&T’s speed test says before call #13 to Tech Support. I log on to their site. When I try to run a test, it says "Aha! We see you already have DSL. Want to run a test? You bad boy! You must log in first." So, I put in my user ID and password I was forced to create. (Buzzer sound) " WRONG. No such user name, no such password". OK, let's try the original ones..."WRONG. You have tried too many times, you bad boy, so we are locking you out for your own good. We will let you chat for the 8th time, just click here..." HOLD ON, I only tried twice!


Enter the bottomless, dark hole of chat. "Hold on, stand by, we're glad to see you, sorry you have a problem, oh, I hope so, (grammar from India), just a brief 1-2 minute hold (read that 5 minutes, minimum). Reset your password? Sure, all you have to do is answer 20 questions correctly in 30 minutes and we'll let you start the registration process all over again". HOLD ON, just unlock my darn account and make it work. "No can do. This is for your protection, you know". Right, give some hacker on chat the ability to change my user name and password, that's protection alright!


I actually thought I had finally won one. Mohat {Personal content removed} agreed to give me my original username and password back right before he cut me off.  Boom, back to the "Click here to chat" error screen.


From the same DSL error screen, I chatted back. Reconnect me, please. "No have the ability, Mr {Personal content removed for your safety}. Just answer 30 minutes of questions and I weel fix eberythng" On it goes until dufus suddenly, without reason, transfers me to someone else. So, I get to start all over for the third time. Half way through the chat, Danielle says she is in the Wireless Warranty Department and has no idea why I'm there.


Honest to God, I'm not making this up, and I have the chat transcripts to prove it.


If that wasn't enough, she states she has just read the previous two chats with DSL yet she isn't even in that department and can't help me! So much for anyone's security.


Did you have any idea anyone in the wireless warranty department chat could access everything about you when you don't even have a wireless AT&T account? I'm talking Banking, Social Security, Date of Birth, Address, Phone Number, EVERYTHING.


Shaken to the core, I politely ask her for a transcript of the first chat where Mohat agreed to reset my original password and username so they would actually work. "No can do. Company policy. Security, you know. You should have printed it out before he cut you off". Like I knew he was going to do so, I guess. I want a manager! "He doesn't know anything, can't do anything to help you and can't even see this chat", she says. I want him anyway. (argument about why ensues) I learn a trick. She can't cut me off because I tell her I have saved the chat and deny her request to be released. She finally agrees to have a supervisor, not a manager, call me on the phone, and she KNOWS MY PHONE NUMBER.


I have now met Big Brother, face to face, and his initials are ATT.


Supervisor calls. He’ a nice guy, and quickly admits he was sitting right beside Miss Uncooperative during the chat, even when she assured me he knew nothing. That's OK, because, he says, he doesn't! No idea how to see her screen with the chat from another department and no idea how to send it to me.


I insist, and refuse to release his employee from the chat. How does it feel to hold? Now she knows.. A few holds later, he says he has conferred with the management team. "I learn something every day", he says. I'm thinking he has a lot of days to go.


About then, the previous chat I wanted appears, EDITED, on my screen! It had been sent by Miss Uncooperative! 


I ain't making this up, folks. Just ask. I'll email you a copy.


Shortly thereafter, the supervisor figures out a way to email me the entire, unedited  2 chats from another department. No security questions, no proof who he is talking to, he just sends my chats off into the ether and there goes my information, not once, but twice!


Believe it or not, it actually gets worse.


Mr Nice Guy says I'll do better on the phone than with chat (read that no record of what's said).  He will insure a speedy transfer to someone in DSL who can actually do something.


Fifteen minutes, fifteen, on hold. Finally, I hear “Mr Jim?”, and the phone line goes dead!



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Over 4 days after my service was to be operational, and after several more hours of speed tests and phone calls, I finally get someone who claims to be an expert and has been there 8 years.  He's a nice guy, and states AT&T is only required to deliver half the bandwidth they advertise.  It is obvious he gets this call a lot, because he quickly directs me to page 3 fine print that says "up to 6Mbps", and explains that means 3Mbps. Thus, DSL Direct Xtreme6 is, in fact, 3Mbts.


OK, so I'm paying for 6 and can expect 3.  But the speedtest reveals I'm getting less than 3.  Aha! Got 'ya!  "Well, no, because you are on a laptop, so you are connected wirelessly.  Your router isn't any good".  But it is AT&T's router.  "You must use an Ethernet cable".  So much for another AT&T misleading ad.


Connect router cable, run speedtest.  No change.  "Humm, I must contact Engineering about this; please hold".  And hold, and hold... "I'm still waiting for Engineering to answer, he says.  Maybe I should just call you back when I get them on the line".  Later, I get a call, "Still waiting for them to pick up".  This poor guy has been sitting on hold listening to ads about how great AT&T is for nearly an hour.  Apparently, the engineers have their hands full of problems.  I'm not suppressed.


I finally get a call, "Engineering found some problems and reset your profile", he says.  What does that mean?  "No idea".  Can I talk to them?  "No."  Can you have them call me?  "They can't make outbound calls".  So, AT&T, the telephone company, can't place calls.  Humm. 


As requested, I run speedtest.  It is better, but certainly not the 6Mbps I was sold or the 8Mbps the installer claimed I would get.


I can, however, sort of watch a streaming video.  No hi def, just video.  Then I notice the AT&T ads never mention the words hi def.  Another call to tech Support.  "Oh, you need at least 12Mbps for that.  We had no idea you wanted to watch hi def"!  Duh.  This is 2012, right?  Analog TV has been gone for years, right?  Has AT&T been in a coma, or something?


So, to get 12Mbps, I must pay for 24Mbps, but that Uverse service isn't available in my major city, so TFB.


And, I still can't log into my account.  Not that I care to.

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