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SBC/ATT/Yahoo Mail Servers Slooow


SBC/ATT/Yahoo Mail Servers Slooow

For the past month or more, getting my email is a frustrating process. Using either the online browser method or with stand-alone programs (for Mac), I have to wait several seconds to get a response from the mail servers. At times, it has taken over a minute. At times, the process simply locks up my browser or my programs, forcing me to force quit them. Is all this the result of increased traffic to the mail servers? Or are there other reasons? Having to access mail at the ATT/Yahoo site is a totally unpleasant and cumbersome distraction. I hate pop-up ads and don't need Yahoo News clips when all I want is to access my mail and see if one of my clients is contacting me about a job. I wish there were alternatives.
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Re: SBC/ATT/Yahoo Mail Servers Slooow

just go directly to website to access your email. i also think that the classic mail version loads faster than the new mail, so you may want to try switching to the classic mail format. on the mail page, just go to OPTIONS (upper-right corner) --> SWITCH TO CLASSIC MAIL.


hope this helps! :smileyhappy:

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Re: SBC/ATT/Yahoo Mail Servers Slooow

Thanks, but I hate going to the ATT/Yahoo website for mail. It's not functional for business use anymore.
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