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Returning a Modem


Returning a Modem

I recently cancelled am order which involved AT&T sending me a new modem. They sent me the modem anyway, so I had to return it. The problem is that when I went to UPS, they said that none of the labels that came with or on the box were return labels, and that if I just returned the box as it is, the box would just end up back at my house. So my question is how do I return this modem?

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Re: Returning a Modem

the modem that you are trying to return, what brand is it ? does it say motorola or 2wire? if it says motorola its sent back via USPS and should have come with a RMA label if you didn't get one or don't know where its at call us and ask for one and it can arrive via email or snail mail depending on if you are in service or not .. hope this helps

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Re: Returning a Modem

My girlfriend has contacted ATT several times attempting to get a return authorization and mailing label.  They will not send it even though they say they will.  Can you help her in getting this?  Thank you for any help.

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